The Ultra-nationalism

F-trend brings the fashion forecast for the season Autumn Winter 2019/20 based on our consumer trend report "The Ultra nationalism". This is one of our AW trend forecast 2019 covering the impact in India, United state and China.

Globally with the rise of social media across the US and Indian market politics has manufactured the mood of the nations like India, US and China. The interpretation of nationalism is getting shaped and defined differently for getting the maximum political benefits. While in the US it's white nationalism, in India we witness the rise of Hindu Nationalism and in China, the consumer snubs personal interest compared to the national interest as reported by peoples daily. 

About the report

Our Report covers the Color, Print, style and textile direction. F-trend is the only fashion forecasting agency that covers 19 clothing categories along with the denim.

The clothing categories are- 

Activewear               Beachwear                          Knitwear

Coats                       Jackets                                 Dresses

Trouser                    Shorts                                   Accessories

Tops                        Shirt                                       Footwear

Skirt                        Jumpsuits                               Denim

Indian Suits Sets    Salwar and Churidar

Saree                     Kurta and Kurti

The Market-

The report covers following market - US, India and China. 

The Demography-

The report is valid for all the age group and Gender

About F-trend

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