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Join F-trend's International Distribution Partner Program

F-trend's Global Fashion forecasting Subscription Distribution Partner Program provides everything you need to sell our service successfully. As a distribution partner, you could sell our fashion trends forecasting membership information and bring more value to the present fashion institution.

Distributor's Benefits

As our partner, you can have:

  • Attractive high commission
  • Complete membership access in the promotion process
  • Continual profits from annual renewals
  • 20-30% Sales commission 
  • Events, subscriptions, and multiple ways to earn from us


F-trend's Sales Guide

As our partner, you can have:

  • Detailed site user guide for client service
  • Professional after-sales service support
  • Regular sales and promotion training
  • Marketing Training

The requirement to join as a Distributor?

  • - Rich experience in the fashion industry
  • - Promotion and sales background


Can I Join as the Exclusive Regional Distributor?

Sure, you are welcome to apply when you meet the minimum order requirement in the first three months.

Activewear AW 2023 Key Item Analysis

Connect to Join as a Distribution Partner?

If you want to be a part of our International Distribution Partner Program and promote F-trend's Fashion service to the world, please take your first step by filling out the form below. We will review your application and contact you soon.