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Upon successfully finishing the comprehensive Advanced Trends Forecasting Series, consisting of 7 Modules (including 5 concept building modules and 2 Practice modules), you will be awarded a prestigious Certificate of Completion. This valuable credential can be proudly displayed on your CV or LinkedIn profile, demonstrating your expertise and commitment to professional growth.

Curriculum Overview

The F-Trends Trend forecasting course helps you to explore trends, create accurate forecasts, develop your scenarios, and sharpen your strategic foresight skills

Learn - Interact - Apply

At F-trend we have created a high level of professional trend forecasting online course to enhance your skill in the creative world of the fashion industry. You will not just learn but also apply and practice. The course will enable you to become a key player in the fashion industry as a marketer, strategist, and creator with the application of an accurate future Trend.

Each module is independent, but jointly all modules will facilitate you to develop professional-level trend forecasting abilities, as well as industry-standard practices to map the future in ways that are significant, practical, trustworthy, and inspirational. The future, as we’ll learn, isn’t a foregone conclusion, but a place where intelligently developed forecasts can help us to imagine, build and deploy better tomorrows for everybody.

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Who Should Join?

F-trend's insight has been used by brands including SAMSUNG, GODREJ, ABOF, TITAN, and many more

The F-Trend's Trend Academy brings a professional-level educational journey and experience for MBAs, creatives, strategic future insight teams, and corporate employees who are eager to sharpen their existing skills, or for students and industry freshers who want to make a career in trend forecasting, marketing, and branding Industry.

Trend Insight- Product development - Branding and Practice



  2. Left Brain VS Right Brain
  3. Evolution of consumption
  4. Future consumer landscape and culture shifts
  5. The rise of meaningful consumption
  6. Happiness Consumption Cycle
  7. Lifestyle navigator
  8. Analyzing Desires, Behaviours and Motivator
  9. Extracting Values and opportunities
  10. VALS™


  1. From facts to feelings
  2. Connecting the dots
  3. Rethinking human decision making
  4. From 2D to 4D thinking explained
  5. Soft analysis and core analysis
  6. Scanning the Findings
  7. Synthesizing potential futures in Fashion
  8. Multidimensional Forecasting approaches
  9. Balancing analysis with Informed emotion
  10. Trend Mapping Past Present and future
  11. The Focusing Illusion


  1. New Product Development in fashion
  2. NPD strategies
  3. Idea Screening
  5. Single NPD module
  6. Two fold NPD module
  7. NPD SWOT Analysis
  8. Product Trend SWOT analysis
  9. The Critical Path
  10. The Fashion Industry Dynamics
  11. More..


  1. Soft analysis and core analysis
  2. Scanning the Findings
  3. Synthesizing potential futures
  4. Quantifiable and Qualitative factors
  5. Sales forecast, aggregation, exogenous variables, and Seasonality
  6. Fast fashion, Tradition fashion business model, and trend forecast
  7. Development of fashion forecasts
  8. Color forecast, Color cycle, color


  1. Brainstorming,
  2. F-trend PVP method
  3. Scenario Planning in fashion forecasting.
  4. Lifestyle Navigator, key message and desire analysis
  5. Fashion Product Lifecycle
  6. Why- Now and Next
  7. Error Identification in final forecast
  8. Fashion Forecasting Steps

Application & Case studies

  1. Create your first Toolkit
  2. Trend Index and Trend wheel development
  3. Scenario development
  4. Trend Forecast Application
  5. Product development application

Case Studies

  1. Five case studies on trend development
  2. Five case studies on fashion forecast

Course Outcomes And Objectives

Trend forecasting is fundamental and foremost staying ahead of the curve by understanding consumer behavior, design analysis, market, and retail insights. F-trend forecasters create insightful reports and tools for your businesses, their customers, retailers, and brands. Learn from the best in the industry today. During the 8 weeks fashion forecasting course you will:

Denim S/s 2024/25 forecast- Key Styles
Build a strong framework of best practices, strategies, and innovations that affect your future business planning.
Drive sales and brand growth with bold, accurate trend predictions for your market.
Plan forecasts that are structured to have many uses and consider the business, brand, and external headwinds.
Develop the best insight into forecasting’s hidden effect on cross-functional teams and the customer.
Discover new opportunities: Deep dive into the consumer trends you need to know now, and quickly start implementing them into your business to answer a specific problem or simply develop consumer-centric thinking.
Design a Trend-Driven culture: Catalyze a creative culture, and empower your team to go further. Implementing our method and tools, you’ll walk away empowered to lead your innovation sessions, again and again