F-trend A/W 16/17 trend forecast success story- Fendi Runway show

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The Ripples- F-Trend's mega trendwhich we forecasted during 2014 feb-march month got validated at Fendi's Autumn Winter show at Milan. Fendi's creative director Lagerfeld used ripple as theme for his collection. From footwear to bags and accessories most of the styles were based on f-trend's theme The Ripples.

About Ripple Theme -

A small wave or series of waves on the surface of water, especially as caused by a slight breeze or an object dropping into it. A ripple eect is a situation where, like the ever expanding ripples across water when an object is dropped into it, an eect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally. In this mega Trend we take an inspiration from the nature , from the Amazon ‘s deep forest to Sahara’s unedding deserst’s ripplles, we are seeing the wild animals like Tiger to Zirrafe , the wave of waters, Inspiration comes from the cosmos and its dreamlike esthetics. Respecting the rhythms of the planets’ cycles brings natural benets of well-being and relaxation, and enhanced product quality and conservation.

Fendi AW 16 collection- Lagerfeld used the ripple ruse as the basis for a collection that bubbled with countless ideas. He started subtly: Kendall Jenner in a heavy, dropped-waist coatdress with a thin, wavy-line hem border. This topped light blue over-the-knee boots, all scrunched and bunched, with wavy — what the heck, ruffled — feet. Then followed a treatise on inventive diversity, always with an underlying ease: blouse with deep V yoke tucked into long skirt; short dresses with full sleeves; long dresses, some with a waft of Seventies and one, big, leg-o-mutton sleeves; poet’s blouse over bloomers and high boots; T-shirt over kilt. Along the way, Lagerfeld added his wavy appendages to sleeves, yokes, collars, hems and, yes, boots and handbags in wonderfully indiscreet colorways. Yet he is a man of many methods. Sometimes the waves came in patterns — undulating stripes across T-shirts, dresses and furs, whether whole pieces or at the hems of spectacular coats. Case in point: a casual wonder of a trapeze cuddle-coat in light blue shearling bordered in black and white mink. Leaving Kilt, overcoat and few purse and shoes maximum styles followed f-trend's forecast.

Color story Validation-

F-Trend's ripple theme color Cyan Blue mixed with Scarlet. It’s classic and always works. Mint Green is mixing beautifully with Lapis Blue and is a wonderful accent to a primary palette Consumers also like Ochre mixed with all shades of Pink from dusty to shocking. At Fendi's Milan runway show Cyan blue and its hues, purple were the color which matched our trend prediction.


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