June 12, 2021 New Delhi, India.

Ftrend and IIFT Bengaluru organizes one day online seminar on importance of the the trend forecasting. It was an insightful discussion with the students and the F-trend team members.

The F-trend CEO and head of the trend Dhruva Tripathi and business head Mr. Neelendra Mishra while IIFT college's Principal Dr Srinivas Prakash, Vice-Principal Ms Barani Andal H, Miss Shrilakshmi, and more than 56 Students participated in the online webinar.


Topic- Importance of the Trend forecasting in fashion industry

Mr. Dhruva Tripathi discussed the fundamental techniques and methods of Forecasting, also presented F-trend's proprietary PVP trend forecasting models. The objective of the workshop was to support students get cognizant of why it is crucial to develop the standard structure and process of product development in the fashion industry also how students could get benefitted by discovering the changes in the fashion industry through trend forecasting methods.

About F-trend- F-trend is a world's leading fashion trend forecasting company, works across multiple women and men clothing category forecasts headquartered in Delhi, India while also available in London, U.k. and USA markets.

About IIFT Bengalure- The Indian Institute of Fashion Technology being in the Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges in Bangalore ensures that the industries it caters to, are equipped with people who have the requisite technical, leadership and creative skills to spearhead growth, innovation and social development.

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