New York street fall 2017 men's coat/jacket fashion trend

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At New York streets we spotted the Men's Fall 2017 jacket/coat fashion trend. In jacket similar to women, fur is equally popular among all the age groups. The millennial's love to wear bright multi-color jackets. Yellow, orange and bright red accents are very popular among youths.

The key silhouettes for fall 2017 are varsity jacket, Parka, Duffel coats, trench coat,  and the bomber jackets.

Our trend analysis shows the popular sought colors and prints are Army Green, Blue, Olive green, yellow and orange. Yellow and Orange is the most preferred color choice among youth.

The men's fur jacket trend
  • The men's fur jacket trend

  • The men's fur jacket trend

  • The men's fur jacket trend

Come's in many variations but the most admired colours are olive green and the black

The bright colors- full of energy and passion
  • Red Parka

  • Yellow

  • Orange

The bright colors are the preferred choice among millennials. The sporty, warm and energetic colors are seen emerging trend globally, we spotted it emerging at New York streets.