PV Jewellery Trend: AW21/22

The influence of nature and its primitive agitations impregnate accessory components with incandescent turbulences, precious eroded appearances and surfaces with defensive textures, as well as softened armor and protective down, for an autumn winter 21-22 that is highly tactile and visually sparkling.

This season, accessories reveal their generous forms and colors with delicacy and delight. Components adopt simple shapes in precisely-worked single materials, where light highlights curves or color shifts and changes.

We spotted dilutions like watercolors, blending colors into each other, with more random and turbulent combinations at the very heart of the material.
Anodized color gradients are seen on stoppers, while chains and beads created a rather synthetic and mystic atmosphere when colored in the spirit of acidic neons.

Another theme is blurring, where color is material and the shades are more contrasted: Extravagant and multicolor combinations add dynamism to, bracelets in extroverted bouclette and chenille threads, and labels with hazy visuals. Festive rhinestones and gems dare to create incongruous combinations for highly-colored evening wear.

PV Jewellery Trend AW 2021/22 Report