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Workshop Duration: One day

Workshop day: Saturday Workshop(Total 6-8 Hours)

Location: Andheri East Mumbai 400093-

Date & Time:7 March 2020(11.30 AM onward)

FEE:3199 INR



Curriculum overview

The fundamentals of predicting don't change even as consumers and market forces do. Analysis of relevant external, lifecycle, adoption and demand factors continue to form the framework of effective forecasts. 

Not just for the design team, forecasts reach across brands and industries. To make effective forecasts for different users requires a focused consideration of elements like profiles, calendars, and planning tools.

Balancing brand positioning with business results is one of the most challenging aspects - but achievable. Explore innovations and forecasters' best practices and strategies to this end.

Forecasting can be an informal activity. Providing structure to research and reporting ensures you won't miss a sign. Themes in research, effective questions and saturation points are essential to understanding.


Connecting the Trend Nodes from culture to product, the day will be broken into four parts, each of which will include:

The Business of Fashion: The key factors that control the fashion industry, eCommerce, brick and morter retail strategry.

Harness the power of trend forecasting in the fashion industry. Learn how to use trend forecasting in fashion retails, a buyers guide how to find new opportunities and the key items selections

Introduction to fashion forecasting and its importance to the fashion industry and an organization. An In-depth discussion why you must learn fashion forecasting. How setting up a Trend driven culture in an organization could lead to a better profitability

Targetting the right consumer profile is essential to business. Learn the process of identifying the consumer's needs, behavior and attitude and finidng the key opportunities in fashion.

Learn how Color, Print, styling, and textiles are forecasted. An introduction to S/S 2020/21 and AW 2020/21 seasons key ideas for men and women's key concepts of the upcoming season.

Product development: Designing for success. Designing for the future customers based on the change in mindset and behavior. Implementing the colors, prints, and style directions in your product development phase.

Why color matters the most in the fashion industry. Learn how to identify the colors for future consumers. An introduction to S/S 2020/21 and AW 2020/21 key colors.   

Applying the S/S 2020 A/W 2021 forecast as a case study to learn more about how to use the Mega-trends, consumer attitude, and behaviors in your business.

Outcomes and Objectives

Trend forecasting is fundamental and foremost staying ahead of the curve by understanding consumer behavior, design analysis, market, and retail insights. F-trend forecasters create insightful reports and tools for your businesses, their customers, retailers, and brands. Learn from the best in the industry today. During the one day workshop, you will:

Build a strong framework of best practices, strategies, and innovations that affect your future business planning. 


Drive sales and brand growth with bold, accurate trend predictions for your market. 


Plan forecasts that are structured to have many uses and consider the business, brand, and external headwinds.

Develop the best insight into forecasting’s hidden effect on cross-functional teams and the customer.


Discover new opportunities: Deep dive into the consumer trends you need to know now, and quickly start implementing them into your business to answer a specific problem or simply develop consumer-centric thinking.    

Design a Trend-Driven culture: Catalyze a creative culture, and empower your team to go further. Implementing our method and tools, you’ll walk away empowered to lead your innovation sessions, again and again.        


If you are a Designer, product developer, buyer, manufacturer, brand, ecommerce startup or student this workshop is for everyone working in fashion industry, marketing and product development.


Fashion, accessories, wellness, intimates & swim, active, consumer goods