Emotional well-being: consumer trend 2020

Emotional well-being: consumer trend 2020- The most talked about generation of millennials is under the most unpleasant of the situations. With the rampant growth of depression and mental illness amongst the millennials, experts from all over the world deem this a dislodged generation. Reports show that this generation is in need of help more than ever before.

The depression rate among millennials is much higher than the baby boomers. The growing insecurities in life are the biggest cause of depression. From job insecurity to societal pressures, everything adds to the mental state of this generation.

However, millennials are much more upfront and honest about their emotional state. They are open to asking for help if they are in need of it. Research shows that millennials place much importance in emotional well-being or self-care than the previous generations.

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Emotional wellbeing: Consumer Trend 2020
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