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Metaverse: With the transition between virtuality and actuality, the digital world made a brand-new interpretation through dynamic visual art and technology cal dark tones.


Switching Identity: Under the fast life pace, urban people need to switch between multiple characters and scenes. Impactive tones and sublimated activeness interpret one’s value.


Summer Nostalgia: Go back to the last summer and extricate coercion. Delicate tones are incorporated with soaked hues to communicate the mindset of Sensuality.


Unreal: Getting free of the authority of digital life, finding the new self in the forthcoming scientism, Erosive, mechanical, and skin-touch pales decrypt the enthusiasm of niche culture in a world of spiritual illusion.


Escapism: From dawn to dusk, the colors of the sky are combined to form a wonderful cadence. The purified pales in spring are corresponded with neutrals to decipher the fashion about modern spaces and contemporary cities.


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