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In the realm of Wildocre, the core elements undergo a profound reevaluation, delving into the multi-dimensional essence of the medium. Confronted by the pressing ecological crisis and the looming specter of global warming, humanity is compelled to reexamine its relationship with the natural world.

From plants and animals to minerals, glaciers, and mountains, every inhabitant of Earth deserves not only the right to exist but also our unyielding respect. As custodians of our planet's resources, it's our duty to honor the life cycle of all products, embracing rational resource utilization.

This ethos extends to the fashion domain, where clothing and shoes transcend their conventional roles. Today, they're imbued with a higher purpose – embodying the ideals of sustainable progress and environmental preservation.

Consumers, increasingly conscious, view quality not merely as a measure of durability but as a testament to prudent consumption. This shift fuels a movement towards a culture of recycling and recyclability, where product life cycles are extended. Earthy, nature-inspired hues serve as a visual embodiment of this mindset, propelling a wave of strategies aimed at elevating the quality of products.

Embedded within the currents of the Cosmos Trend is a harmonious fusion of natural resources and conservation efforts. This fusion heralds a delicate equilibrium between nature's bounty and the elegance of low technology, a marriage that aligns perfectly with the Wildocre ethos.

Report comprises-

  • - Four Color stories
  • -Consumer Insights
  • -Capsule collections
  • -Color Inspiration 


Total Pages- 21

Report Price- $ 199

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