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For AW 22/23, expect to see leather and non-leather footwear and accessories build on the commercial success of minimalist finishes, as well as a focus on natural materials for updates.

1 Natural materials are key: authentic materials will be a major focus this season. From cork to contemporary straw, these materials call out important messages around sustainability.

2 Minimalist surfaces become more sleek: update the minimalist trend with waxy and glossy high-shine finishes. Nylons are sleek and satins are structured for seasonless appeal.

3 Leathers support a ‘less is more’ design approach: extend the lifespan of your products through adaptable designs. Offer quality over quantity and design for the long-term.

4 Make a statement with craft aesthetics: use color and more intricate techniques to exaggerate woven looks for a stronger statement.

5 Apply color to enhance materials: exotic-look skins and upscaled croc materials are infused with color to add newness.

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