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Plant something, Bake something, Decorate your room/house to make it fit the aesthetic, Draw something, Paint, Look up information on plants and animals, Go to a park and study or draw the local plants and animals, The crocheting, knitting, or embroidery, Sew something, maybe repair some old clothes,Decorate your garden, Harvest from your garden, Sprout seeds,Make a flower crown, Roll around on grass, Sit in a leaf pile, Use only things from nature to make art, Try woodcarving, Build a birdhouse,

The theme Farmcore demonstrates the mutual understanding and soul resonance between strangers from different cultures and conditions. Flower is the core element of this theme, and there are six directions to present various flowers, monochrome vines, cut flowers, ink stained watercolor, fun bouquet, weird sweetheart and summer picnic. This report brings new design directions to AW 2022 Farmcore theme patterns.

Consumers are looking for tangible and measurable benefits from the things in which they invest. The pandemic shifted consumer perception of value towards minimal consumption that emphasizes affordability, convenience, and protection.

Consumers are also redefining value through a results-driven lens, seeking durability, flexibility of use, and efficacy. Nonetheless, while consumers value their daily essentials, they still seek simple pleasures in splurges that elevate their everyday – they just might need a little extra nudge from brands to allow themselves to feel comfortable with these mini indulgences

Embracing elements of primitive living to disconnect us from the comforts and trappings of modern consumerist society and launch us into the savage world of untamed nature. Farmcore focuses on the organic aesthetics of nature infused design that is wild and poetic, raw and calming.

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