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Consumers are looking for tangible and measurable benefits from the things in which they invest. The pandemic shifted consumer perception of value towards minimal consumption that emphasizes affordability, convenience, and protection.

Consumers are also redefining value through a results-driven lens, seeking durability, flexibility of use, and efficacy. Nonetheless, while consumers value their daily essentials, they still seek simple pleasures in splurges that elevate their everyday – they just might need a little extra nudge from brands to allow themselves to feel comfortable with these mini indulgences.

  1. Details and surfaces look deconstructed but are actually mended and patched with beautiful striking innovation. Yarns are definitely spring forward with a cloudy softness. It is as if there is no weight to the garment as our moods are uplifted.
  2. Maxi puffers with inlaid plaid shirts or jackets combining the materials and silhouettes of blazers and denim trucker
  3. Focus on Men's retro country style fashion with fleece and herring bone pattern jacket as a key style direction.
  4. Corduroy trousers and jacket with big pocket details while making it relaxed and ankle short length.


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