Consumer Trends 2021

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Young people are rejecting the perfectly curated feeds on Instagram in favor of an authentic and unfiltered aesthetic. Everyone has their own vision, own ideas that demand the more personalized service offering in the polarized society. 


The most talked-about generation of millennials is under the most unpleasant of the situations. With the rampant growth of depression and mental illness amongst the millennials, experts from all over the world deem this a dislodged generation. Reports show that this generation is in need of help more than ever before.


A growing expectation of emotionally intelligent interaction with brands across multiple channels from messenger Apps to chat-bots, from human reps to Twitter consumers will increasingly want to see a little of ourselves reflected back in commercial interactions, including our real-time emotional state. A brand that fails to notice you are feeling low… soon to be admonished?


Meanwhile, college-educated Americans are settling down in major metropolitan areas and becoming increasingly secular and open to diversity (race, sexual orientation, nationality), while less-educated people more frequently live and work in less urban areas with more homogeneous and religious populations.

Scholars and journalists alike have blamed the rise of social media and its creation of “echo chambers”—curated feeds comprising posts that match our political beliefs—for increasing the polarization among people throughout the world.


As the original digital natives and the current drivers of youth culture, Gen Zers were the first to desert this toxic social media. According to a 2018 study conducted by Hill Holliday, an American independent consumer and business insight research group, 34% of Gen Z social media users admit to having quit one or more platforms, while 64% of them have taken at least temporary breaks. They instead appear to be more interested in niche apps such as Discord and Twitch, both destined for gamers, while using Snapchat for chatting and TikTok for entertainment. In other words, they have more apps and less loyalty. They are also drastically changing the way we use Millennials’ favorite social media.

Consumer Trend 2021

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