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Fendi balances dandyish decadence with contemporary sharpness in its Fall 2022 men’s collection

Drawn out of and intertwined with this appropriately timed return to roaring-20’s masculine dandyism is a complementary feminine side, a romantic and poetic preciousness and vulnerability. Sweaters open just underneath the collar to reveal a bit of bust; the fabric of pants join behind to form a half-skirt (a skant?); rows of pearls shine along detached turtleneck necks; jackets are given boat necks.

The combination of prim tweed and an embrace of femininity felt a bit reminiscent of Stefan Cooke’s Fall 2021 collection, though with its coy London university feel swapped out for Milanese braggadocio.

Accessories: Fendi’s accessories are probably its strongest point, and this season was no exception. Included in the collection’s contemporary reconsidering of classic and elitist gentlemanly tropes is a collaboration with Ledger Nano X, a hardware wallet for crypto currency. On the analogue side of things, bags ranging from the petite – crossbody bags shaped as rectangular prisms, alligator skin wallets held by chains – to the hefty – triangular leather duffle bags, voluminous totes – developed and focused the character of the collection, with their gleaming silver hardware especially bringing out the decadent yet focused dandyism.

All of the collection’s metal touches were silver; there was no gold to be seen. It’s a choice that harmonizes well with the restrained yet romantic color pallet of black, white, grey, tawny olive, red, and what is shaping up to be the color of the season, aubergine.

Shoes- Shoes included classic leather oxfords and loafers, dainty Mary Janes, and on-trend dad sneakers that could easily be mistaken for New Balance.



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