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Nocturnal and diurnal, fragile and ferocious, the two contrasting yet complementary images are thoroughly woven into the collection.

Etro goes on to explain, he conceives this language as connected to intuition, like poetry, rather than to the overly intellectualized brainwork of something like mathematics or metaphysics. This inspiration of simplicity and feeling shines through his designs.

Colors- grey, icy blues, tawny brown. Set of jewel tones blossom forth, and sapphire, ruby, emerald, and amethyst take the stage.

Print- The symbols of the wolf and the rose are mostly woven into the collection’s many knitwear pieces, including collegiate turtlenecks and deconstructed sweaters.

Strong tailoring is also present throughout the collection, including a few simple and sharp black suits that punctuate the flow of colors. A more hard-to-pin-down series of looks consists of flowing, gauzy tops, perhaps suggesting the wizardry and alchemy that Kean Etro points to.

Certain pants and outerwear pieces are constructed from a more technically-minded, vinyl-like material, reflecting the house’s recent embrace of more forward-thinking and new techniques.



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