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AW 2024/25 Men's Underwear Patterns Report

This report delves into the world of men's underwear patterns through the lens of fashion and leisure. By closely examining recent trends in men's fashion, we've observed a resurgence of classic elements such as text, geometry, and camouflage, reimagined with a fresh aesthetic perspective.

Following Fashion Trends

Classic Elements Return: Recent patterns in men's clothing show that classic elements like text, geometry, and camouflage are making a comeback in a new aesthetic context.

Men's Underwear in the Spotlight

-A Fashionable Shift: Men's underwear is no exception to this wave of fashion and leisure transformation.
- Logos and Camouflage: In this report, we delve into logos and the reinvention of camouflage, shedding light on the evolving landscape of pattern design and development.

Key Focus Areas

-Brands and Designers Take Note: These directions have emerged as pivotal focal points that brands and designers must keenly explore in today's ever-changing fashion landscape.


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