Consumer trend 2022/23 forecast

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F-Trend the authority of fashion forecasting decodes the consumer attitude. We follow these simple process to help you develop the best product for your customers

Consumer Behaviour forecast

Consumer Personality and Attitude

Using Our PVP Methodology trend analysts and social scientists explore emerging consumer attitudes based on your target market.

Trend forecast

Future Trend forecasts

Based on the most prominent emerging social consumer Personalities and Profiles we bring the most accurate fashion forecasts relevant to your market.

Design and Product development

Design and products Development

For each mega trend, we bring you the clothing category based trend forecasts to help you ready to launch your products.

Plan and launch

Plan and launch

Now you are ready to plan your product launch. You may be Designer, Merchandiser, fashion professionals, Retailers or Industry expert.

F-Trend forecasting

Enhance Your Planning With Color And Trend Forecasts 2+ Years Ahead.

Report Offerings

  • - Comprehensive Insights into Consumer personality and Profiles Towards Lifestyle-Driven Fashion Trends
  • - Over 20+ Reports Available per Megatrend


Regional Insights

  • -In-depth mega and Micro Fashion Trend Forecasts Tailored to Specific Regions
  • -Encompassing the USA, France, the U.K., India, and Italy


Understanding Consumer Preferences

  • Precise Trend and Color Forecasts Extending 24 Months Ahead
  • Projections Based on 14 Distinct Clothing Categories


Focused Analysis

  • Tailored Reports Segmented by Age Group, Gender, and Styles
  • Anticipatory Forecasts Aligned with 14 Clothing Categories
Packaging Direction


Let us help you to plan your color and fashion trend forecasts 2+ years ahead

Stay focused

Tailored research into your market, key consumer group, and how they will behave. Get the most accurate analysis of your potential market.

Customized solution

Exclusive custom analysis of your targetted market, get focused reporting of the social, technological, environmental and market forces shaping consumer attitudes and behaviors


Bespoke Trend Presentation

Curated bespoke presentation for your organizations

Curated Presentation
F-trend's future insight, Trend presentations, and trend workshops are designed to help you achieve you and your team with the insights and strategic thinking required to answer tomorrow's most compelling issues.
Customized solution
Looking for ways to engage and motivate your team from the comfort of your own home? Our virtual presentations give you the tools to inspire your business with a thorough insight into our foresight and future trends.