Zara joins gender neutrality bandwagon

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Zara the leading world's biggest retailer joins gender neutrality bandwagon after seeing some retailers already started experimenting this retail trend. In the latest series of happening. The spanish retailer new collection named as ungender which is a unisex collection now available in the market of India and other countries.

The ungender collection consists of unisex sweatshirt, flowing unisex t-shirts to unisex jeans and Bermuda pants.

Recently Selfridge the UK retailer experimented with this concept which helped to boost its sales. Selfridge the U.K. based brand opened Unisex Agender store as an experiment, where they removed the barrier of gender which buoyed the sale of Selfridge, the pussy bow blouse had good sales record.  The sale boosted to 34% in comparison to previous season, even Gucci promoted transgender model in its spring summer couture runway at Milan. Despite being the first transgender Model to cast at ramp it looked normal, not a gimmick or weird thing which is clear indication sociological changes as now transgender are getting accepted in society normally, but Gucci still stealed the show being the first Luxury brand to cast transgender Model. Pussy bow scarf and tops started to gain traction as they represents uni-sexual dressing.