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The Picture of Self-Care and 2023 Beauty Trend

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Self-care in the time of corona is the hottest concern in the beauty sector. Especially at a time when sleep is disturbed and the mask is now another skin layer, the present situation's demand is not just to take care of skin health as well as arising challenge is to look beautiful and appear fresh and awake. Thus the 2023 beauty trend will be dominated by the self-care and the do-it-yourself trend.


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This new word is nothing other than the union of mask and acne, that is, the reaction that occurs due to the repeated use of this new accessory that we have had to wear every day and the lack of perspiration of the skin that can cause breakouts. acneic, present mainly in the contour-jaw axis. We must add other reactions that are being seen as itching, inflammation, and dehydration.

Current buyer's concerns in the beauty sector

In a time when beauty, sleep, exercise, and nutrition have formed an all-encompassing wellness movement, Sir John, the makeup artist who counts Beyoncé as a long-time client, sees the projection of overall physical and mental well-being as the new priority in makeup. “We’ve all been in the house for more than three months and our skin is getting used to not wearing foundation every day,” he says. “We’re doing more self-care, we’re working on gut health and wellness. All of these things impact your overall complexion, so to go and cover yourself with the foundation from forehead to chin doesn’t seem modern right now.”

Opportunity in the beauty Industry induced by the pandemic:-

Others like Pedro Catalá, the doctor in Pharmacy and founder of Twelve Beauty, point us to other causes such as:

  1. The continuous friction of the mask against the skin.
  2. The season's own heat and sweat. Without a doubt, the summer and the high temperatures have not helped keep our skin at bay.
  3. The humid microenvironment generated inside the mask due to saliva and breath produces an increase in sebaceous secretion and hyperkeratinization that closes the pores and increases the proliferation of bacteria, causing the pimple to remain locked.
  4. Stress and anxiety produce a hormone called cortisol that causes inflammation in the skin.

Now that face masks are the essential accessory, lipstick is losing the market while mascara (or lashes, concealer, eyeliner, skin-care products, and anything else that can be applied to the upper third of one’s face) is now the most sought trend. Alibaba reported that eye-cosmetic sales increased 150 percent, month over month, during the week of February 18, 2020.

Beauty Trend 2021
Beauty Trend 2023

By contrast, skincare, hair care, and bath-and-body products appear to be benefiting from self-care and pampering trends. According to NPD, which tracks consumer spending and point-of-sale data, found sales of luxury hand soap in France were up 800 % in the week of March 16, 2020, as the country went into lockdown. We are expecting in 2021 beauty trends will continue to be dominated by self-care.

Europe’s largest fashion and lifestyle e-commerce marketplace Zalando reported a boom in pampering and self-care beauty categories, including candles, aromatherapy, and detox products.

Sales of skin-, nail-, and hair-care products went up 300 percent, year on year. That is consistent with results from Amazon, for which most makeup sales in the United States are showing slight declines, compared with the same month in 2019, while sales for nail-care products (218 %), hair coloring (172 %), and bath-and-body products (65 %) are way up.

Zoom beauty

Many want to appear fresh-faced and "awake" on video calls with coworkers, and it doesn't take much skill to achieve that effect with eye makeup. Plus, the adoption of masks, scarves, bandanas, and other protective coverings has increased the top portion of the face. Dramatic lashes and concealer to brighten under the eyes have taken on new importance in the morning routine.

The demand for virtual eyebrow consultations Eyebrow shaping and tinting is gaining traction because people are interacting through video calls and virtual meetings increasingly.

Growth of Do-it-yourself and self-care beauty products in the United States.

Another notable trend is the rise of do-it-yourself (DIY) beauty care. Many beauty salons have closed, and even in places where they have not, consumers are forgoing services because of concerns about close physical contact. Besides, many consumers will likely face economic difficulties after the COVID-19 crisis, given the loss of jobs and savings.
In McKinsey’s survey of UK consumers, 66 percent believe their finances will be affected for at least two months because of COVID-19, and 36 percent say they are cutting back on spending.

Beauty Trend 2021- Rise of DIY Beauty
Growth of Do-it-yourself and self-care beauty products in the United States.

During the Pandemic Many beauty salons have closed, as consumers are rejecting services because of concerns about close physical contact.Also as consumers are unsure about the finance and jobs,due to COVID-19 crisis, according to McKinsey’s survey of UK consumers, 66 % believe their finances will be affected for at least two months while 36 % are cutting back on spending.