7 mens casual fashion style trend direction for 2023/24

7 mens casual fashion style trend direction for 2023/24

Post-Pandemic men's fashion has drastically taken a new direction that is all about fluidity and outdoor romance. The trend from the catwalk and street shows the future of style is a hybrid of home and activewear- that means consumers seek home comfort and sporty attributes in their clothes. The trend gives rise to Activeleisure or new home-active fashion trends.

These days many big companies like Twitter, Google, and Microsoft have now allowed working from home for a lifetime. The shift in work from home-life has also impacted the consumer's daily clothing choices that make it away for an outdoor life desire for a vacation and mental- wellbeing.
The designer's collection of spring Summer 2022 exposes buyers to nature, connect to the cosmos, moving to the beach – whole new independence.

F-trend's observation reveals Pandemic has shifted the consumer's desire from an aesthetically beautiful look to a relaxed style as a primary need – and intellectual need, too. The current feeling is for core and basic aspirations and childhood dreams.

Our catwalk analysis report further reveals men's bottom wear saw the biggest shift for fluid and relaxed looks matched with either suits or glam look jackets as showcased in the Numero Milan collection.

Bucket hats create a powerful feeling for outdoor appearance especially when teamed with either denim or even shorts, and track pants for a very casual men's style. This is a pack yourself, get ready for the beach, and a safari journey in your track pants style in an unbuttoned shirt appearance.

Men's catwalk styles redefine the season's attitude, which made models walked shorts, pajamas, fluid shirts, and summer jackets portraying the post-pandemic men's styles.

Outdoor oasis, an outdoor spirit emerges as a key theme of the season. This season designers transformed their men's suits collection into sporty and lightweight designs mixed with shorts making it easy to wear at home or for the beach.

Suit with shorts, bucket hat, outdoor oasis airy silk shirt, layering, and shorts, track pants, Men midriff defines the Milan Spring-summer 22 men' collection.

Breast pocket shirts matched with shorts or pants are a new men's fashion trend that works well especially with a desire for outdoor activity.
The overall men's 2021/22 casual fashion style is pretty beach-ready full of passionate youthful appearance or work from home relaxed fluid fashion.


Here is the list of different types of clothing styles for guys

1- shorts with Suit- Mans
  • Man's S/S 2022

  • Fendi S/S 2022

  • Prada S/S 2022

Mans, Fendi, Prada, and many other designer's collections had one key attitude for their men's fashion style was an office-ready look in shorts with their laptop bags. The most popular colors are soft pastel tones or solid black for their blazer. This dress code is pretty unique also indisputable to draw many young men seeking playful styles.

3- sleeveless sweater with shorts, sandals, and bucket hats.
  • Mans

  • David Catlan

  • J. W. Anderson

The desire for comfort makes sleeveless sweaters with shorts, sandals, and bucket hats make it an attractive combination for the buyers who look to travel or additionally an excellent choice for a work from home style.  
Men would love to couple knit vests with boxer shorts or tailored styles for a very relaxed unconstrained appearance.

Layering is a new powerful men style
  • Wales Bonner

  • Chritstian Dior

  • Miguel Vieira

  • Kolor S/S 2022

Layering is a new powerful style as seen in Paris fashion week S/S 2023 Mens fashion week - June Diors, Wales Bonner, and Kolor's collection.

Flow style-
  • Dries Van Noten S/S 2022

  • Mr. Saturday

  • Etro S/S 2022

The Fluid shirts teamed with trousers spotted in DVN, Mr. Saturday, and Etro's collection illustrates a new romantic man's attitude. These styles offer a pretty resort vibe in an oversized shirt and a merry disposition.

Open unbuttoned shirt with short style
  • Etro S/S 2022

  • David Catalan

  • MSGM S/S 2022

A very youthful attitude defines the men's 2021 casual fashion style. MSGM, Catalan, and Etro creatively combined shirts either with shorts or casual relaxed pants.

The trend is expected to dominate as the symbol of freedom from the present struggle due to the covid lockdown situation from past one years made us feel for to go outside and relax.

Men cardigans with shorts
  • MSGM S/S 2022

  • Numero 00

  • David Catalan S/S 2022

Cardigans are one of the most important categories developing to tees men for the outdoor comfort, maybe at the beach, home, or even easy to go look for the next outstation voyage. The appearance is a quintessential inclination toward men's youthful perspective and passion for the adventurous holidays.

The coveted enthusiastic posture could be further achieved by coupling cardigans with a shirt/T-shirt and pulling with shorts and slippers.

Relaxed suit and pants
  • Ermenegildo Zegna S/S 2022

  • Dries Van Noten

  • MSGM S/S 2022

Outdoor utility
  • Miguel Vieira

  • Giorgio Armani

Breast pocket shirts matched with shorts or pants are a new men's fashion trend that works well especially with a desire for outdoor activity.