Fashion forecast spring summer 2020

Commercial Spring Summer 2020/21 Fashion forecast : The Imperfectionist

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The Spring Summer 2020 fashion forecast reveals a large shift in the consumer's perception with regards to the perfect life. We have analysed the desire of the perfect life has been the major cause of dissatisfactions and irritations. The above characteristics are responsible for the acceptance of imperfections.

The Spring Summer 2020 forecast is applicable to all the major regions the US, UK, India and the European region for the men and women both the consumers.

The last few years, the surroundings and the habitat was totally inclined towards being perfect. Everyone was running towards getting Perfect, not only in terms of physical appearance but also has a perfect life which includes having a perfect education, after that a perfect job (getting settled financially at right age) and after that ending up with the perfect well-settled life.

Based on our analysis we have asked the question to 104 people about their choices if their skin complexion is a major concern while facing the people. Our poll reveals 87.5% did not have any issue with the skin color. Only 4% have the issue with the complexion.

Fashion forecast spring summer 2020
Imperfections Trend- Skin Complexion


Nowadays a change is observed in the consumer's behavior especially Gen Z and Millennials. The Notion of perfection is on the decline, consumers look for approval after admitting how a perfectionist is an impractical approach.

Perfect means without any fault or defect. But why be perfect? Earlier everyone was influenced by the perfect skinny models, an idea of the perfect life is quietly re-shaping- to be perfect imperfection is necessary for a happy life.

Fashion forecast spring summer 2020
Imperfections Trend


In this modern era of the year 2019, the major population is working or employed. The busy work schedules, long continuous working hours, less physical activity and exposure of technological lifestyle of the millennials nowadays has introduced a lot of imperfections mental and physical into their lives.

Whereas the rejections due to imperfections that lead to depression and anxiety issues in the millennials to a major extent earlier are transforming into the acceptance of the beauty of natural imperfections due to the relativity of the sufferings and issues that millennials go through due to the similar lifestyles.

This trend is similar to the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi and Kintsugi that conceptualize life into freedom and joy by accepting and enhancing the flaws and faults. Where wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept of living life while accepting all its imperfections and impermanence gracefully as depicted by the name; Wabi refers to rustic beauty, simplicity and uniqueness of the things and Sabi refers to the beauty that comes with age, on the other hand, Kintsugi, also known as Kkintsukuroi is an art form from Japan that deals with fixing broken pottery by using liquid gold or other precious glue that forms a unique design on its own.

The Market opportunity-

The Spring summer 2020 fashion forecast is based on the consumer trend "Imperfectionist", the Few fashion designers such as Rei Kawakabo and Maison Martin Margiela inspired by the imperfection of life displayed their collections based on wabi-sabi and kintsugi that can be seen in the surfaces created by loosening the screw of the knitting machine to create random holes in the garments and textures of the pictures shown above which introduced the concept to the western countries and will be seen prominently in 2021 fashion collections.

Accepting the diversity. 

Based on our analysis consumers now doesn't look for the validations for the perfect beauty, they have started to ignore the concept of the classical definition of pure beauty, perfectly radiant skin, and athletic body.

Our in-house poll of urban and semi-urban millennial and gen z respondents shows imperfections now doesn't influence consumer's social appearances. Thus, defects are not the major worries rather they are getting subscribed.

The Clothing brand Misguided ran a campaign for women "The inspiring #InYourOwnSkin campaign" featured six women, one of whom is a plus-size model with albinism while another has extensive scars across her arm and back which she acquired as a teenager when she was caught in a house fire.


Fashion forecasts 2020, Misguided Campaign- celebrate the imperfection
Misguided Campaign- celebrate the imperfection


Our Spring-summer 2020/21 forecast forecast suggests imperfections would be endorsed with more innovative and creative ways turning faults and errors it into a very distinct glamorous way.



Prints>> Abstract life style- abstract patterns

Spring-summer 2020 print forecast

Spring-summer 2020 print forecast

Spring-summer 2020 print forecast

Spring-summer 2020 print forecast

Spring-summer 2020 print forecast

Spring-summer 2020 print forecast

For the Spring-summer 2020 print will be inspired by the imperfect life. Consumers will look to endorse the imperfect life as they would like to translate the faults for differentiation. As the trend in millennials will rise the implications of it will be seen in the forms of imperfect prints, inspired of Japanese art kintsugi, faulty and errored prints, asymmetric and irregular silhouettes with faulty details such as asymmetrical thread lines will be the key spring-summer 2020 print forecast 

Color>>High and low intensity mixes

The S/S 2020 color Trend will have Combination of high and low-intensity colors inspired by the imperfections of nature such as that will act as the accent colors combined with the core colors for an integrated look. 

The colors from tints and shades of rust will be seen in the season of The Imperfectionist SS 2021. The imperfections of nature such as droughts, cracks, nature's irregularities, rust, etc. will inspire the colors.

Silhouettes- Error and irregular

Yang Li- Paris

Yang Li- Paris

Haider Ackerman

Haider Ackerman

Silhouettes for the spring-summer 2020 will be very unorganized and unplanned. Addition of excess and lack of fabric will be seen in the upcoming trend in the Imperfectionist Spring Summer 20/21 as silhouette guidelines. Irregular stitches and error in detailing will be the key to the detailing guidelines. 

Materials- Imperfect weaving

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