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Fashion forecast AW 2020/21- Cosmic Consciousness
Fashion forecast A/W 2020/21- Cosmic Consciousness

Fashion forecast A/W 2020/21- Cosmic Consciousness

F-trend brings the fashion forecast for the season Autumn Winter 2020/21 based on our consumer trend report "The Cosmic Consciousness". This is one of our Autumn Winter trend forecast 2020/21 covering the impact in India, the United state, and the Italian market.

The trend is getting popularity in Italy, the US, and India where Indian youth are highly getting spiritual and then the US. The reason is the social disparity and uncertain political environment. According to the data collected from the social media platform such as Instagram, facebook and twitter we have found 55 %Indian, 38% the US and 7% Italian youth are impacted by the trend.

The current political and social climate and the decline of religious Millennials are some of the reasons why astrology, spirituality, and Meditation have become popular in recent years. Astrology and spirituality functions as a sort of self-care; a way in which people try to understand themselves and define their unique traits. -People are more interested in astrological, Yoga and Cosmic consciousness services that help them to know them better rather than being fanatically religious. 

Currently, gradually more millennials are redefining the definition of religion, for them, spirituality is the way to live rather than daily prayers at Church and Temples. According to the PEW research, The Youth are less religious than their predecessors. With the increased age men and women become more religious than the younger generation. The research also reveals men are less religious than women and undeveloped countries are more religious than the developed countries for this very reason Asian countries have more faith in God than the European countries.

The above trait has been found among the highly educated, urban and rich population based on the Pew research foundations 2018 report. According to the report China, Europe, and other western countries found to have lesser religious bent than the Asian countries where people are less educated and rich. 



The Market opportunity-

With the rise of spiritual generation, the demand for spiritual services is constantly increasing. Consumers started to believe more into Astrology, Horoscope and cosmic science. They believe gemstones bring good health and luck.  

Companies are now coming up multiple yogic Techniques, such as the Cosmic Yoga, Color Yoga, Chroma Yoga, and many other techniques.

Chroma Yoga

Chroma Yoga
Chroma Yoga


Founded by Nina Ryner, a past fashionista started the company after getting fed off from the daily chores. According to the company vision- ChromaYoga™ is a revolutionary new approach to practicing yoga. Combining light and color therapy techniques, brain-stimulating soundscapes and bespoke natural scents to create an immersive, multi-sensory yoga experience not yet seen before.

Based in Shoreditch, East London, the ChromaYoga studio is a one of a kind space, cut off from the outside world which transforms as it moves through the colors of the spectrum.

Astrology Software- Co-Star

New apps powered by AI, such as Co-Star, are also delivering more elaborate services such as hyper-personalized horoscopes and birth maps without the financial setback of professional astrologers. These are highly attractive elements for Millennials, a generation that values their distinctness.

The rise of Global Spiritual Leaders

The demand for the spiritual leaders has seen sharp rises, millennials seek for the conscious dressing. Isha Foundation ran by Sadhguru Jaggi presented the concept of fashion for peace.

Fashion For Peace at New York Fashion Week 2019 is a collaboration between Isha Foundation and renowned leading-edge designers to promote conscious and sustainable fashion. This special event highlights Sadhguru’s initiative: promote natural textiles, revitalize the traditional crafts that are on the verge of extinction, and raise awareness about the impact of the fashion industry on health and the environment.
The exclusive looks created by each designer showcase handmade natural textiles, woven as they have been for thousands of years. Fashion For Peace celebrates the convergence of consciousness, creativity, community, and commerce.
fabric selected for this event has been carefully curated for its uniqueness of weave, low carbon footprint, and environmental sustainability. Sourced from master craftspeople and small farmers across the weaving traditions of India, these exquisite textiles reveal the remarkable depth of talent of the traditional weavers whose numbers are declining every year and whose craft is becoming rare and endangered.

Prints>> Inspired to bring cosmic happiness.

As consumer's demand for the inner wellbeing is on the rise there will be demand for the shapes associated with the spirituality such as Mandala Prints, spiritual luck symbols, and the astrology inspired symbols.

Consumers would want to see the element from the Zodiac signs, celestial patterns and cosmic vibrations in their wardrobes. 

Color>> purple and darkness

Cosmic Blue color

Cosmic Blue color





combining light and color therapy techniques for the brain-stimulation proved to be very helpful in order to achieve the inner health, colors that invoke the calm sensation could be seen as a big nod from the consumers.

Colors for the Autumn winter 2020 will be of either high intensity or highly saturated- the biggest color to emerge for the season will be cosmic purple and midnight blue. 

Silhouettes- wrapped and loose fits

The season the consumers would want to wear something very comfortable, demonstrating the ease and in fashion would be endorsed as the best look. The dresses will become loose fit but still not oversized, bottom-wear will be inspired by the martial art wide legged style and ankle cut. 

Materials- fabric for peace

Materials and textile for the autumn-winter season 2020 will have the demand for sustainability, where consumers would avoid to use real fur and animal skin based fibers. The definition of luxury fabric is changing- as the spiritual consumers look for the real leather replacement. 

The environment sustainability is must have an attribute for the autumn-winter season 2020, thus it is essential to prepare for the time.

See this trend in action for different clothing categories and accessories here>>> Cosmic Consciousness AW 2020/21 report



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