Body Positivity and the Future of swim and lingerie wear in 2021

With the rise of superconscious and activist consumer overflooded by the information and accepting the own skin, in  2021 lingerie and swimwear trend for women are all about protecting without crushing, reassuring and empowering feminine power.

Based on F-trend's mega Trend the Ultra Modern feminism and "The Activist" consumers have become superconscious, they are finding the medium to communicate their feelings to brands through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and petition platforms such as to raise their concerns. 

Women activist consumers are breaking the taboos associated with their bodies, for them well being and healthy body is the biggest concern rather than hyper-athletic figure endorsed by the lingerie and the swimwear brands.

In 2020 June Adidas campaigned for the empowered women where body positivity is a key message showcasing the women beauty is not decided under the certain rules and it should be challenged. For that purpose Adidas teamed up with five inspiring Women: Jada Sezer, Maya Jama, Chessie King, Nadya Okamoto and Yudienys Romay. Together we created a real, raw, in your face film that explores their relationship with their bodies and the water. Their capacity to find strength in their own vulnerabilities as an inspiration to let go of insecurities. A reminder that EVERY BODY is perfect, just as they are.

Who decides what a normal body looks like? Who defines what fit means? Who has a say in the way you look? No one but you.


Brand Simone on 70-year anniversary, in its 2017 autumn-winter campaign: different women, different femininities, and different curves to embody the brand. It is a new communication campaign which promises to no longer hide differences but on the contrary to include them.

Yet, philosopher Isabelle Queval reminds the injunction to a healthy body, a mastered body, controlled, is increasingly stronger in occidental societies.


"Sizing for All" for its new 2018 bathing suit campaign, Weekday (H&M group) asked twenty-five women to represent the collection with the theme my body, my image. According to the brand, the result is an honest and genuine campaign. Pictures show off bulges, stretch marks, cellulite, tattoos, hair the opposite of the traditional representation of a unique stereotyped body: slim, tall and muscular. The few inches of the fabric cover and above all uncover skins without hiding
their flaws.

My body my image campaign
My body my image campaign
My body my image campaign by weekday

In the United States, a study by The International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Design from August 2016 estimated that the average American woman was between sizes 44 (US12) and 46 (US14). A reality that brands can no longer escape. The singer Rihanna thus unveiled her lingerie range on May 10, 2018. From XS to XXL, from 85A (32A) to 115E (44E), Rihanna collection falls within the body-positive movement, born in the United States in the 1990s.

This movement aims to help women break free of others opinion and encourage self-esteem by accepting their body as it is. Models of the brand exemplify different morphologies far from the standards such as Audrey who owns her huge breasts: If these guys like me for who I am, then why don't I like myself? Bulges, stretch marks, cellulite... If they love you, all this doesn't matter. They don't think about it and neither should you.

Savage x Fenty advocates for the Sizing for All and the respect of all women no matter their skin color or size. As for the ambassador Jazelle, she declares: wearing underwear in which you feel comfortable changes your behavior and your way of thinking, a healthy mind with beautiful breasts.


It is also Beija London message which defends inclusive lingerie: One style does not fit all. Designers Abbie Miranda and Mazie Fisher have chosen three categories: X (wireless from S to L), Y (for average size breasts from B to D), Z (for breasts starting at an E cup).

Each model is declined in the three categories, another manner of creating underwear without constraining style through sizing. Introducing modern lingerie for real life  

The new shapewear generation real life this in part explains shapewear success of the last ten years. This trend in the lingerie industry is no longer reserved to women trying to conceal their curves but targets all body types from 36 (US4) to 52 (US20) as featured by the brand">Unabella<\/a> founded by Laurence Dupin. This French lingerie and ready-to-wear brand use a sculpting patented fabric renamed UnaShape. This technological fiber developed in France is inspired by athlete jumpsuits such as Laure Manaudou.  

Textile innovations allow shaping and sublime bodies without ever hindering them. A promise also was given by Tightings an Italian brand developed by Duelegs. 

The Tightings is a fusion between leggings and tights from Fulgar fibers and Lycra ensuring both comfort and performing characteristics. It is worn day and night, inside and outside, to go out or go running as a genuine second skin. From shapewear to tailor-made there is but one step that lingerie does not hesitate to take in order to reinvent itself.

Campaign it right

swimwear trend 2021
swimwear trend 2021
Beach body vs Each body ready


Protein World stood firm in 2015 when it faced a backlash for its advert that asked women if they were "beach body ready". Nearly 400 consumers complained to the UK's advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA did not uphold the complaints – and Protein World did not pull the work. In some cases, it went head-to-head with critical commentators, replying to their comments on social media. Despite the furor, the company said it amassed 5,000 new customers within four days. 

Writing in UK marketing magazine Campaign, Georgina Denny, provocation director at global brand design consultancy Elmwood, said Protein World offered a lesson for bland brands. "Sure, for things on the scale of the Volkswagen emissions or Tesco horsemeat scandals, serious public apologies are essential," she wrote. "It's the brands that bend over backward to apologize because a handful of people complained about an ad or brands that have a general air of apology, that need to start standing up for themselves."

Curves, not size, A swimsuit should fit you (not the other way around.) This is the promise of the brand Summersalt specialized in bathing suits which identified 1.5 million measures on a panel of 10 000 women to adapt to the myriad of morphologies. It is no longer up to the woman to adapt to the clothes but very much the opposite. The consumer is once again at the heart of product reflection.

Curves, not size demands https// the French startup co-founded by Claire Chabaud and Mathilde Alloin. The entrepreneurs offer tailor-made bras thanks to Shape their 3D wired prints developed from a 3D scan of the customer's chest.

The future of the women's swimwear of innerwear is second skin bras, free from wires and foam, completely tailor-made. 

The era of ultra personalization


Driven by a design software, the manikin can evolve integrally or by zone, in height or in width, according to a scale of body and garment given in less than 30 seconds. The Mimeo software assists the professional in the whole process of creation and validation of the model thanks to the edition of datasheets ready to send.

Comes with A-B-C-D-E silicone breast box to model the breast according to its true consistency as well as spare covers specially designed to visualize the lines of plumbs.

The tailor-made is always Euveka ambition, another French startup ready to revolutionize the textile industry with its first changing and connected robot-model. Exit the wooden model and hyper-standardization, Audrey-Laure Bergenthal wants to help brands create, produce and sell the right size to meet the morphological diversity and thus make the shift towards personalization. Etam is among the first interested clients. Thanks to tailor-made, we are able to showcase any women and morphology. Tailor-made is architecture. And comfort-wise it is out of this world.

The new Euveka technology allows the extreme level of the personalisation, its Simple and intuitive control from a tablet or MAC/PC, Growth in height and width on key axes, Rapid deformation in less than a minute, Entering measurements from an Excel import file, the Scalable robot of size 36 to 46 A unique offer for all textile pattern makers brings new life to fashion industry.

Beyond the customer experience and the affectionate relationship created by a personalized product, tailor-made clothing could also influence self-esteem.  

In each body, there is the beauty that tailor-made allows to reveal by hiding flaws and playing on assets. The stake of morphosizing is not only esthetics but also sanitary as reminded by   

The chest area is the most complex and we are developing modules to offer solutions to protect such a fragile part of the body. Needs expressed from consumers also in the security and health industries.

Women in the army wear heavy bulletproof vests made for men which flatten their chest and slow them down. The tailor-made could also allow creating underwear directly adapted to women having suffered breasts removal. 

In the world of ultra-personalization, tailor-made is like a concrete and business-carrying marketing lever in response to the needs for individualization. Applied to the lingerie industry it is also mean to continue controlling one body while protecting privacy. By integrating the reality principle in image and communication, brands illustrate the human body in what is most beautiful about it: its diversity.

Expectation of Youth

With a growing level of attention around the negative impact of social media, this generation will seek to take back greater control by being more mindful of their usage. 

Young people will expect brands to offer support when it comes to their health and well-being, as well as get more involved in their education and development. With a growing level of attention around the negative impact of social media, this generation will seek to take back greater control by being more mindful of their usage.

They will be quick to call out brands promoting unrealistic beauty ideals and quick to support those embracing diversity. 

Today’s youth are facing an uncertain future and the impact of dealing with this has the potential to follow them for the rest of their lives if nothing is done now. In 2021 and beyond, brands have an opportunity to step in and provide solutions to help empower this cohort.

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