Top 7 S/S 2022 Dress fashion trends analysis

Top 7 S/S 2022 Dress fashion trends analysis

According to the women's dresses category S/S 2022/23 fashion forecast analysis by F-trend, modest elegance style(39%) has witnessed increased demand, followed by youthful silhouettes that saw 27% growth. 


However, cotton-linen deconstruction shows a decreasing trend. Crossline design becomes the most popular style of the season, and the demand for practicality supports the fashionableness of relaxed and A-line outlines. Splicing still dominates the detail domain, while beading and knotting have also grown a lot.


The most popular looks are from those designer brands that promote youthfulness in their designs style. A pale purple and khaki cropped dress is the emerging look, while there are also a few knee-length dresses.


Elastic waist design, tiered ruffle dress, and monochrome dress are popular in the store. Long-sleeved dress also shares a larger proportion in this season. 4MILE must be the most noteworthy brand.


Top Dress colors to dominate

Shirt Dress with waist belts and drawstrings
  • 4Mile

  • 4Mile

  • Gucci

Cropped shirtdress draws more attention this spring-summer season, and 4MILE is a newly emerging most noteworthy brand. The shirt structure is elongated to be the main silhouette of the dress.


It ends just below the hip to present the charming leg lines. Pearl decoration and cutout design increase the girlish feel and bring youthful vitality. The waist belts with ties further improve the look of the shirt. 


Khaki Shirt with the pearl embellishments and pockets brought by 4Mile creates a utilitarian and outdoorish look for the consumers who want unique looks. 


Besides, workwear pockets and athletic drawstrings are used to strengthen the teenage feel.

Tiered Ruffle dress

  • Ghospell

  • Broadcast

The comfortable and loose silhouette of the babydoll dress is rather popular this month. Oversized A-line dress shows rich volume. 


Midi length becomes the main silhouette of the ladder-shaped dress, and puff sleeve is still the best detail for such design. Romantic pale purple and natural tones bring a soothing visual effect. 


A tiered ruffle is spliced on the dress hem to increase the volume. Loose A-line dress uses hem splicing, pleating, shirring, comfortable cotton-linen fabric, and fluent tailoring to present the new fashion direction of Pre-Fall 2021.

Sleeveless Tailoring
  • Ghospell



The sleeveless dress stands out this month. Minimalist tailoring is combined with a simplified cinched waist to raise the waistline and present the perfect body proportion.


Ankle-length and knee-length dresses show a svelte visual effect. Sleeveless and off-shoulder design is elegant.

Extreme Minimalism
  • camino

  • Front Row Shop


The minimalist dress always brings a clean and neat feeling. Extra details are simplified to create the visual effect of flat and clean architecture. 


Adjustable and detachable belt design provides free and comfortable dressing experiences. The monochrome style pays more attention to sculptural silhouette and extreme minimalism instead of accentuating the body shapes.


Cargo Shirt-dress


  • Loewe

Simple sophistication style and highly inclusive cargo shirtdress have become the best choice for mature women this month. 


Natural cotton-linen fabric is more skin-friendly, and the over-knee length is paired with a wide hemline to cover the lines of the lower body. Detachable belts and drawstring designs can better exude the natural casualness of women.

Waist X Knotting and Gathering
  • Front Row Shop

  • Kloset

  • cello sonata

Knotting and gathering strengthen the 3D decorative effect and flexibility of clothing. Gather details make the minimalist dress more delicate and stylish. 


The slant and asymmetric lines of kinking interpret playful shapes. V-neck, gathered fabric, and ties stress the novel waist proportion.