Modern feminism- impact on women fashion trend

Modern feminism- impact on women fashion trend in 2022/23

The Merriam Webster dictionary has named ‘FEMINISM’ as its word of the year, after witnessing a 20% rise in searches for the term in 2019 compared to 2022.

Almost half of all women find it too difficult to understand what being a feminist means, with older women being particularly unsure. It is not stupefying to find out that there is difficulty in establishing a definition of MODERN FEMINISM, as there are innumerable opinions of what it means which in turn is creating ideological disaccord.

According to Mintel’s 2017 research on marketing to UK women, just 29% of women describe themselves as feminists. Research suggests that at least some of the reason so few women identify as feminists could be due to difficulties with the term’s definition. 

MODERN FEMINISM is the belief in the social, political and economic equality of all genders, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, ability and sexual orientation.  Modern feminism understands the difference between ‘EQUALITY’ and ‘EQUITY’ and also realize that it can’t be achieved without their symbiotic relationship.

Modern conceptualizations of femininity also rely not just upon social constructions but upon the individualized choices made by women.



What's Happening in 2021-22


There are still plenty of women who don't call themselves feminists and hoards of men who refuse to get on board with the movement because of a lot of the rhetoric around women's rights centers around digging men out. Eliminate the toxic masculinity myth that all men are excessively virile, aggressively sexual predators.

- ‘’Women don't want to be equal to men. Men are not the standard of humanity. They want to live on their own terms free from violence.’’ Women choosing 'freedom, independence' over relationships with men.

HOMOSEXUALITY as a fault in feminism.

The linking of emancipation and homosexuality underscored the important role e of ‘’sexual politics’’ for the women’s movement.

Queer Feminism referring to the identity struggles and the new pluralism which is the existence of different 
types of people, who have different beliefs and opinions, within the same society

Feminism and Promiscuity- In a proactive and passionate reassessment of women's liberation, a highly sexualized new generation of girls is discovered.

NO SHAVE ARMPIT hair movement is growing among young women. On social media and red carpets, from New York to China, hairy underarms are having a mainstream moment. 

Women are proudly showing off their growth on Instagram and YouTube, and it’s not just Miley Cyrus anymore. Jemima Kirke of “Girls” flashed her fair-colored au naturel look — earning some cringes — at the June 1 CFDA awards, one of the top fashion events of the year.

Masculinity and Modern Feminism

masculinity and feminism
masculinity and feminism
Masculinity and Modern Feminism


The increased entry of women into the workplace beginning in the twentieth century has affected gender roles and the division of labor within households. 

With women sharing equal workplace responsibilities, they no longer allow their dreams and careers to wither after getting married or having a family. With gender equality triumphing, now when a couple is blessed with a child, the possibilities are noted, odds are measured, and worth is weighed, and only when it is decided who will take the burden of financial responsibilities and who will take over the household ones.

Modern Feminism and the impact on fashion world
  • Revele collection

  • La Mexicana for Flesh Magazine

  • Parler lingerie

In Western cultures, the ideal of feminine appearance has traditionally included long, flowing hair, clear skin, a narrow waist, and little or no body hair or facial hair. In other cultures, however, expectations are different. For example, in many parts of the world, underarm hair is not considered unfeminine Today, the color pink is strongly associated with femininity, whereas in the early 1900s pink was associated with boys and blue with girls.

Brand opportunity and Threat: The end of seduction

Get away from the sexy codes of the genre

Lingerwear brand Victoria secret's sales are declining especially into the millennials as the brand failed in many instances to communicate well with the ever-changing mood where the consumer's look for more than being seductive 

The brand's strategy to the hypersexualized messages through the use of sexy supermodels are unable to align with the today's women need where they are involved in the sports activity, looking to get out of the eroticism cliche.

Contact Sports

Rugby players and graduates of HEC, Laetitia Pingel and Clémence Fabre have launched Révèle , the first brand of equipment and protections for women who practice contact sports -rugby, handball, boxing, roller derby, martial arts... 

The two friends and partners of 25 years, who met in prep, had the idea to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure being themselves faced with the shortage of supply in terms of female equipment: " These sports are now forced to equip men or children, without adequate protection! And yet, 95% of women who practice these competitive sports experience bruises and lesions that damage the bust and chest, " they explain. 

Athletic rather than ultra-athletic bodies: Brand opportunity

"girls garter belt and heels of twelve centimeters strolling to attract the barge. We can not, obviously, prohibit them, but when we see one, we kindly invite them to return to their stand, "In recent editions, the event team favors, for its lingerie shows, dancers rather than models in order to "show athletic bodies rather than ultra-thin ones". 

Matthieu Pinet, head of Exposed - the creative selection of the show (also present until February 4 at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann) - notes that "this desire for truth" in the communication of brands, instigated by confidential labels essentially English Saxons (such as the American pioneer Land of Women, the Australian Lonely or English Marieyat), "contaminates for a little over a year most market players. It does not have to be a pair of high heels anymore and an ultra marketed mouth to present underwear. 

Style direction

Soft, Romantic silhouettes with an amalgamation of functionality.
Women no longer want to be rivaled by men. Men are no more the standard for women. Today’s women want to embrace their feminism with pride and still run the world. 

Rise of workwear

The increased entry of women into the workplace beginning in the twentieth century has affected gender roles and the division of labor within households. We have seen the rise of women workers, they are equally striving for work, employed and ambitious. The above behavioral change will see the rise of workwear, pocket, and utilities.