Key AW 2021/22 Puffer Jacket trends Insights

Key AW 2022/23 Jacket trends Insights

As fashion industry struggling presently specially in the outerwear fashion, it will be a hard to sell category as consumers are currently locked inside their homes. Fashion industry need to come up with the most playful styles to attract consumers through the vivid and playful dramatic styles. The AW 2022/23 puffer jackets spotted had influences of rustic outdoor palettes, green and red oppulancy.

As turbulent factors and unsettling emotions increase, Wandering in the Wilderness concept and the rise of outdoor fashion exude strong appeal. Let's start a soul-touching journey, escape from trivial life, and encounter the unknown poetry in the distance. With a core of puffer jackets, this theme analyzes functional and chic fabrics for puffer jackets to offer protection to outdoors.

Key AW 2022 puffer jacket colors

Colors of this AW 2022/23 season comes from highlands and glaciers. The beauty of mountains and jungles is rustic and spectacular, and the palette is imbued with practicality and vagrancy. Parchment, Marlin and Peach Caramel are perennial colors for puffa jackets. Phoenix Red and Green Moss are key colors of this theme. Gently undulating grass and moss cover the mountains, as if reciting an ancient epic for visitors. This palette brings lavish chic colors to A/W 22/23 men's and women's puffa jackets.

Multi pocket languid jackets




It is best for A/W 22/23 men's and women's outdoor puffa jackets. Cotton fabrics in varied colors are spliced, pairing with multiple pockets and 3D designs to make the item practical and functional. It works well for varied puffa jackets.

Color Blocking




Graphene materials have been a key outdoor fabric. Designers add some detail changes, including color-blocking, splicing, 3D pockets, placement prints and color-blocked waterproof zippers to make outdoor jackets functional, protective and chic.

Glossy texture color blocks



Tommy Hilgiger

Glossy ripstop fabrics make puffa jackets protective, sheeny and chic. Moreover, designers inject newness into A/W 22/23 men's and women's puffa jackets via collage and color-blocking

Key Materials>> Organic cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton made quilted

Organic cotton is GOTS certified. The surface is brushed. Waterproof and waxen processes make the fabric durable, wearable and practical, in line with outdoor adventure theme. Besides, this fabric responds to natural scenery, providing an excellent wearing experience.

Key Material>> Innovative Graphene protective fabric

Innovative Graphene protective fabric

Innovative Graphene protective fabric

Innovative Graphene protective fabric

Graphene material, a new nano-material with a certain degree of electrical and thermal conductivity, is lightweight, antimicrobial, warm and antistatic. It meets people's demand for outdoor protection, and leads the direction of outdoor fabrics.

Key Material>> Glossy lightweight Nylon

Glossy lightweight Nylon

Glossy lightweight Nylon

Iceberg-Glossy lightweight Nylon

Glossy lightweight Nylon

As consumers have a higher demand for protection, lightweight ripstop nylon fabrics use highly tensile N66 American Dupont yarns to renew conventional nylon fibers and make textiles more functional, ripstop and lightweight. Reflective coating on the surface takes on an iridescent sheen, quite eye-catching. It becomes one of key fabrics for A/W 22/23 men's and women's puffa jackets