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Why Lifestyle trend self care is a biggest concern for the Millennial in 2022/23 ?

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The Lifestyle trend self-care is making a lot of buzzes now? We have been moved from the fleshly self-care to the new emotion-based self-care. Millennials and Genz consumers gratification level is drooping over time. We have marked this generation look deeply engaged in social media platform showcasing the self-obsessed photos and videos over Instagram and the Tic-Toc videos of their celebrity status life but the recent studies have exposed this lifestyle trend has actually flawed.

With the growing anxiety in today's time and a little time to look after oneself, the millennials are often deemed a dislodged generation. In order to overcome such instability, the term 'self-care' is taking a central part in the millennial lifestyle. The millennials are becoming more disheveled with the insecurities in both their professional and personal front. As a result, this generation is slowly but surely moving towards self-care.


The term lifestyle trend self-care is frequently used in recovery from mental health etc. This term refers to the various tools and techniques that someone puts together in order to take care of themselves. From exercising to meditating, painting to reading is part of self-care. Hence, 'self-care' covers a plethora of activities that have certain recreational qualities. Research shows that generation Y is standing out in terms of self-care. Millennials are taking better care of themselves than any previous generations.

Studies show that millennials are spending almost a fortune on self-care essentials such as diet plans, therapies, workout routines and apps that improve their personal well-being. Piercing the traditional idea of self-care, the millennials are bringing in the most criticized means for their well-being.

The age-old meditation seems taking a back-step and generation Y is now embracing the digital means to cope with anxiety. From the adult coloring apps to the entertainment apps is redefining the very idea of self-care. It comes as no surprise that the generation that depends on the internet the most, is the generation that is more tech-savvy towards self-care.

Millennials are openly seeking help when it comes to emotional and physical issues. They are up-front with the problems they are facing and the internet is opening a gateway for them that wasn't known previously. The Internet is hence becoming the primary source of self-care for the Y generation.


Why self-care?

The term Millennials is usually considered to apply to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. Self-care is important to millennials as they feel insecure because of societal pressure. They often feel as though they cannot reach the expectations set by society.

Research shows that generation Y is becoming more disturbed because of job insecurities, unemployment, etc. Debt, working conditions and housing availability impact on each other and ripple out to affect all aspects of Gen Y lives. Short-term and insecure work, which is on the rise, particularly for younger generations, impacts on all areas of life. To battle, such problems, more and more millennials are shifting towards self-care.

The previous generations are known for tackling such problems with everything unhealthy. Whereas, the millennials are known for their positive attitude towards mental health. They are reaching out to offer and accept help if they are in the need of it.

Self-care Trend

‘Self-care’ has reached a five year high on Google searches and according to Dr.Chris Mendenwal, millennials spend twice as much on self-care in comparison to baby-boomers. The value of the health and wellness market in the UK increased from around £20 billion in 2013 to over £23 billion in 2018.

The Internet has become a blessing in disguise for the tortured teens. It's not only providing the teens with an alternate world but it's also abundant with information for those who are willing to know more. Visual social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest have become a hub for helping people create their very own interior heaven. These platforms are bringing in aesthetic into the lives of millennials.

With their struggle to form an identity, the online platforms are helping the millennials stay close to their idols. This is helping them stay motivated for their goals and staying connected to their idols is also bringing down their anxiety levels. When therapies and other self-care ways can get a tad bit expensive, the internet has opened its doors for those in need.

The long misunderstood means of internet is now taking a positive shape for the distressed millennials. The rampant growth of entertainment platforms shows the growing hunger of escaping into an alternate reality. With lesser time for meditation and yoga, people are trying to tackle their emotional instability with the help of such entertainment platforms. Be it they are working or they are standing in an overcrowded subway, the gadgets come as a source of relief. For the millennials, the scape of self-care is taking a turn that wasn't seen earlier.

With the upcoming time, the self-care trend will go through even graver changes. The ever-changing mindscapes of millennials are going to take the idea of self-care to new levels and these dynamic changes will then seep into other aspects of the human existence.

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