Editorial- Rise of modern Feminist and power women at NYFW AW18

Editorial- Rise of modern Feminist and power dressing at NYFW AW18

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The New York fashion week NEW YORK FASHION WEEK DATE Autumn-winter 2018 season has just perfected a week ago, it's time to scrutinize how women's fashion trends will shift and the key opportunities and take away from the show. Here we are carrying the discussion in the question-answer form. 

Since F-trend is known for the consumer behavior based trend forecasting, our breakdown from the New York fashion week NEW YORK FASHION WEEK DATE AW18 revolves around the current women consumer trend and the key factors that are going to shape the demand and why it is must have to follow for better conversion.

Here are the discussion based on the question to help our reader have the better insight of the catwalk. In our membership area, you will find the detailed analysis of the major silhouettes, emerging colors, and styles.

Q-Could you provide me with any facts and figures of the sales of leggings/ and or athleisure?

A-Regarding the demand of legging for the past 12 month shows, there was a very high demand in the month of March-April 2017 and after that, a little decline but the good thing is its demand was steady. And, for the athleisure we have seen there is a continuous growth in this clothing category.

Q-Could you tell me some general thoughts on leggings and power dressing as an upcoming trend? (How do you think it will progress, why do you think it came about? Your opinion?)

A- The leggings demand shall maintain its status quo but it will gain a little popularity among men. The power dressing for the women's clothing will see a big shift as the growing urge for the women's equality is now not limited to competing against men but women look to keep their values of being the woman. The effect we will see more feminine silhouettes.


Q-Power dressing (and power dressing of the 80s) can be viewed as an act of female empowerment, what are your thoughts about Tom Ford’s collection being a display of feminine power?

A-Marc Jacob brings the 80's women's power dressing this season but since the feminism and female empowerment is no longer is same as it used to be in late 80's this will not be commercially successful style as today's women see themselves better than men.

The Tom Fords collection displays the real trend of women's power dressing as it still keeps the feminity through the not very broad padded shoulder and still injects the confidence in working women.

Calvin Klein's stiff shirts with double breast pocket will generate a lot of buzz in women's world and should be seen it as an icon of power shirting for women.


Q-What are your thoughts about the revealing nature of leggings, in relation to female empowerment and liberation?

A- As I said, the modern feminism is more towards keeping the women's values rather than competing against men. The leggings could be part of this shift in women's action that will further lead to female empowerment and liberation.


Q-Bold colors of the 80s were featured in both Marc Jacobs’ and Tom Ford’s shows, why do you think that fashion is looking back to this color scheme, and this era?

A-Bold color is the revival of previous season's trend but gradually they are losing the market traction. According to my personal examination consumer's are now more focused toward the sober living based on our consumer trend forecast "The Sober generation", it will be reflected in the sales. Colors should be now more eye refreshing, and soft coated. Bold colors were in demand during 2017 but now again we will see softness and purity will lead.  


Q-Oversized shoulders and outerwear have been a big street style trend recently, and have been seen at the recent NYFW- could you explain what you think the motives are behind this?

A-Oversized shoulder styles for the women popped up during the SS18 runway show at Paris and Milan street as well as we have seen them spotted at the runways. This season during the NYFW again they got spotted emerging strongly, but when we speak about the retail level of commercial success it is yet to discover.

The real reason behind the success of the trend is the women discovering themselves as an entrepreneur, are ready to share the bills at the restaurant and feel better than men yet still conserving them.

  • Tom Ford Legging

  • Marc Jacobs 80's power dressing

  • Calvin Klein shirt

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Answered by:-Dhruva Tripathi