Top 9 key Prints for Spring summer 2019 you should not miss

Spring Summer 2019 season has finally arrived and we are ready to match up our trend forecast that we have predicted 12 months ahead of the season. Also if you want to dress to impress this season, you may want to incorporate some of the following prints to your wardrobe. Unlike other seasons, spring is all about vibrant colors and unique textures. This year more than ever, the prints are becoming more intricate and vibrant.


Polka Dots

Escada-polka dots
Escada-polka dots
Escada-polka dots  

Polka dots are definitely an ‘80s trend that has slowly seeped back into some of the more notable fashion shows. Whether super colorful or simply black and white, polka dots really add a lot of character to an outfit. You will definitely make a positive fashion statement with this vibrant print. Carolina Herrera, Carrie Colbert, and Jason Wu have all been adding more polka-dotted items to their fashion line lately, indicating the trend certainly hasn’t died out. Polka dots started to re-emerge during the men's season and later on picked for the women during the spring summer collection at the major fashion weeks especially you could see at the New York fashion week NEW YORK FASHION WEEK DATE .


The checkered print has never really been the trendiest design in high fashion, but recently they’ve garnered a lot of attention. Back then checkered print was always connoted with flannel, but fashionable checkered prints can have a very classic look with the right clothing pieces. Checkered dresses look quite timeless when paired with pointed heels and a shoulder-padded jacket. Burberry is notorious for making the checkered print design chic, but luckily these days you don't have to buy Burberry exclusively in order to rock the checkered look.

Bold Bloom

Floral will forever be a trendy print that screams spring. Big bold floral imprints on sundresses, shirts, or jackets can turn any simple outfit super-stylish. You don't have to be all matching with the floral either, as color variations are definitely in this season. Some of the best flowers that work on any type of outfit include daisies, dandelions, and roses. Zimmerman has added a ton of floral to their fashion pieces, making use of all the tiny florals in their designs.

Paint Streaks

Art in fashion is evident and is often created with the right pieces. The paint streak print is definitely an unorthodox print but it certainly is quite the head-turning design. Designers like Roberto Cavalli, Adeam, and Christian Cowan, have all been adding the paint streak print in their clothing, as there's no other print quite like it.


Zebra Print

Zebra Print
Zebra Print
Photographed by Phil Oh- credit-vogue  

Animal prints are always fun to wear in spring, as they can bring so much life to an outfit. Zebra print can seem a bit daunting to pull off, but subtle pieces of the stripe can do wonders. You’ve probably already been seeing a ton of zebra and cheetah print in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, and for good reason. High fashion designers like Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, and Blumarine have all been adding animal print to their lines lately, which has kept this trend alive. If you want to rock any animal print, start with a top or a purse until you can work your way up to an entire dress.


Scribble Print

The scribble print is quite similar to the paint streak design but with less intricacy. This print is very carefree and perfect for anyone wanting to make casual look chic. A few popular designers notable for this print include Moschino, Détacher Ivan, and Edda Gimnes. They combine abstract art and fashion in a recipe that makes for some very unique outfits.


Tie-Dye Print

Tie and Dye print
Tie and Dye print
Tie and Dye Print- credit-Harpers Bazar 


No matter what decade it may be, at least one tie-dye outfit during spring will forever be necessary. Bright colors bring lots of vibrancy to outfits, something tie-dye does quite well. To turn this casual print into more of high fashion design, consider sporadic tie-dye print instead of one large one. There was a bit of a dry zone for tie-dye last year but it’s recently re-emerged to become trendy once again. Beyonce wore the print on holiday a few months ago, Dree Hemingway had it on for a red carpet event not long ago and Justin Bieber was spotted wearing it at church. Celebrities definitely transformed this cute old print into something fashionable and fresh.


text and Slogan Print

Not long ago text on high fashion clothing simply not done, but it’s now being seen at almost all the fashion shows. Statement outfits with powerful wording have been on the rise, probably because this era has been huge on activism. From slogans to quotes and everything in between, clothes with words are more than just stylish - they’re meaningful. You can definitely make an impact with what you wear in more ways than style.

Never be afraid to mix prints with each other, even if it seems like you're breaking an old unspoken rule, fashion is all about experimentation. Curating an outfit revolves around stepping outside of regular trends. Simply put items that you love together, and you’ll wind up creating a style that is uniquely your own.

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