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7 must have Spring Summer 2021 Print and pattern trend

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The Spring summer 2021 print trend analysis suggests the key directions are more like a shadow of the previous S/S 2020 season's eloquence with slight modifications. This is not an easy time as most of the designers had to plan according to the shift in buying pattern disrupted by the lockdown, which caused the economic slowdown and conscious purchasing behaviours of the consumers.


Several designers determined to utilize pandemic lockdown for improving sustainability practices in design through employing the left out of the preceding year. 


At London fashion week S/S 2021 FASHION WEEK DATE- September 19 - 22, 2020 , the key ss 2021 print trends as seen in the Christopher Kane and Bethany Williams were revisiting the past while playing with the Canvas, creating wonderful playful, childlike patterns. Designers like Valentino, Shuting Qiu and Maryling cherished the spectrum stripes that is a refreshing update to the traditional Pinstripe prints. Stripes saw a significant overhaul via placing it vertically and horizontally in multi-color variations.


The critical patterns updated at the season were block print, colourful rainbow stripes, and plaids. Vintage plaids did not go outdated; it is still available without any changes as showcased by many designers though we have seen decline compared to the last season.


The floral patterns get the nod to washed-out effects in striking purple-blue, white over black and pink hues as seen in the Tom ford, Zimmerman, Valentino, and Bluemarines spring summer 2021 exhibitions.


Animal patterns appeared in dull, monochromatic tones as designers did not intend to imagine few other variations- while in the preceding season, we marked it ended with the significant updates in clash of the diverse tones as seen in the R13 show S/S 2020 show.


Paris fashion week S/S 2021 key patterns direction


The distinguished designers that influenced the prints at the Paris fashion week S/S 2023 Mens fashion week - June under difficult times were Chanel, Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton, M369, Dior, Kenzo.and DVN. 


Louis Vuitton had plenty of various pattern from Marble print to the logo and, statement graphics dominated the runway at the show. Isabel Marant has shown us how to play with cool abstract floral prints, graffiti hearts and to add a bit more romance in the collection for the cheerful collection.


Dior's idea was inspired by the Scarf prints in dusty colours, that made the clothes felt like old friends or heirlooms. Vertical stripe and Tye & dye Ikkat prints for the jackets and overcoats were a little bit updated from the previous season.


Kenzo updated the floral pattern so that it appeared to scatter out all over the black paper in white and saturated red colour. At the same time, Dries Van Noten chose to play with eye-catching vivid, colourful horizontal fluid stripes for dresses.


New York fashion week NEW YORK FASHION WEEK DATE S/S 2021 Print Trends

The top designers at the New York fashion week NEW YORK FASHION WEEK DATE that influenced the buyer's decisions were Alice-Olivia, Christopher John Rogers, Flying Solo, Gianluca Capannolo, and Tomford.


Christopher John Rogers's presented his knit dresses, and tops rendered in striking stripes, colour blocks, additionally detected the body-con that occasionally consolidate geometric figures, including target-like concentric circles at the breasts. 

Tom-Ford introduced the tye and dye print for dresses, animal prints and floral patterns were the dominant graphics that appeared in saturated colour palettes of blue and purple.


Milan fashion week S/S 2021 Print trend


Bluemarine, Boss, Dior, D&G, Marni, Maryling, Ports 1961, Shi.Rt, Shutting quo, Valentino, Versace.


Versace exhibited her sea life collection, including the punchy vivid colours, rainbow pinstripe, and sea jellyfish patterns for the season. The prominent colours for the exhibition were deep sea blue, green and pink.


Valentino annexed the poetic style that re-defined romanticism to express "Individualism, freedom of expression, diversity. According to the designer- romanticism is not about being pretty but it's an approach to life, it's individual, emotional, and not objective."


The show's patterns were motivated by the plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto to formulate greenery clusters that resembled to take over the location. 


Shi.rt and shutting Qiu presented the patchwork patterns, where there were pattern clashes of stripes and floral print matching.


Inspired by the fruit of a collaboration with British artist William Farr the Boss collection was developed through a masterfully embroidered botanical pattern that enhanced white pantsuits and pencil skirts. 


London fashion week S/S 2021 FASHION WEEK DATE- September 19 - 22, 2020 S/S 2021 Prints trend  analysis


Top designers influenced the London fashion week S/S 2021 FASHION WEEK DATE- September 19 - 22, 2020 S/S 2021 season collection at Bethany Williams, Christopher Kane, Colina Strada, Mark Fast, Vivienne Westwood.


For the Spring-summer collection, Bethany Williams showed us unique jackets and dresses invigorated by the children's illustrations, cartoon face in abstract brush strokes, and texts.


In Christopher Kane's case, it's been reverting to painting with multicoloured glitter as he did as a kid that's got him back to who he is.


Vivienne Westwood revealed the designs invigorated by the artwork of friend and fellow punk artist Chrissie Hynde. Prints had various influences, from vintage plaids to the graphics, logos, and pinstripe shirts dominated the collection. 


Check out below the five print and graphic trend 2021 from the various designers-

floral blur pattern
  • Isabel Marant

  • Isabel Marant

  • Isabel Marant

Canvas Prints
  • Christopher Kane

  • Christopher Kane

  • Christopher Kane

Patch print trend
  • Louis Vuitton

  • Louis Vuitton

Block prints- for youth
  • Versace

  • versace

  • aknvas

Block print dominates the season as seen in the Versace and AKNVAS collection at New York and Milan Fashion week. It was a youthful and fresh look targeted to the youth market.

Ranbow pinstripes
  • Ranbow pinstripes by Versace

  • shuting Qiu

  • Ranbow pinstripes by Versace

  • Ranbow pinstripes by Versace

  • shuting Qiu

  • Maryling