Top 7 Spring summer 2019 color from men's fashion week 2018.

Top 7 Spring summer 2019 color trend from men's fashion week 2018.

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F-trend brings the must-have 2019 color trends from the men's fashion week S/S2019 Paris, Milan, and London fashion week S/S 2021 FASHION WEEK DATE- September 19 - 22, 2020 . Our analysis brings you the very commercial Spring summer 2019 colors that are important for the retailers while making decisions based on our color trend forecast for the Spring summer 2019.

The latest men's spring-summer 2019 fashion week redefine the contemporary men's fashion and how the 2019 color forecast will take the shape. Understanding the Modern men's style demand is very critical, we have observed styles with luxury and comfort has seen the sharp increase. Globally organizations are re-structuring the office work-culture where men have greater flexibility. It is no more regular 9 to 5 work culture- millennials are turning into the digital nomad and modern hippies. For such consumers, color need to be redefined to match their psychological needs.

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Demand for the relaxation and mental health is on the rise- there is a surge of juice parlor while alcohol consumption is slumping. The market for the luxury business travel is growing where men love to work while traveling. Bali is the most preferred destination because of high-speed internet connectivity and great weather condition, beaches, and co-working spaces.

Demand for the resort style would see the rise and the men's spring-summer 2019 catwalk season confirms the same as designers bring beachwear inspired blazer and short in engaging bright hues, tropical patterns.

Superconscious consumers are highly aware of their health and lifestyle- data shows demand for the gym, sports activities and meditation center have seen a huge rise for the racing red, red chilies, dust yellow and sporty neon is now the natural favorite of the designers seen at the men's spring-summer 2019 runway season.

The Top 7 Pantone 2019 color trends from The Catwalk

Bright Green Neons
  • Versace

  • Alex Mulins

  • Paradise green

Neons are back- the year 2018 men's catwalk analysis shows designers are interestingly showing reliability over bright green neons. The continuous changing demands of the contemporary men for the meditation and health neon green surfaces as the popular choice of the season Spring summer 2019. 

  • No21

  • Mathew Miller

  • Fressia

Fressia and Habañero Gold palette capture the imagination of the designers. The color was applied to the Jacket, coat, and activewear category.

Military influence
  • Sacai

  • Oliver Spencer

  • Loden Green

The military influences were evident at the London fashion week, Paris and Milan where Loden Green is the popular Pantone palette of the series

Racing Red
  • Junya Watanabe

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Racing Red

Designers played with the passion and physical energy through the racing Red Pantone color. The color is associated with the activity as well- thus it is best suited for the sporty styles. We spotted red for the Parka jacket and tops

Orange- earthy hues of Orange
  • Acne Studeo

  • Kolor

  • Dusty orange

Orange still keeping its presence from the last three Autumn winter and the Spring summer seasons. F-trend has predicted orange being associated with the high level of energy and surging consumer's demand for the physical activity contributed to the emergence of the strongest and most commercial colors for the fashion industry.  This year earthy Orange got revisited for the SS 2019 men's fashion

Soft Blue- watery blue
  • Ermengildo Zegna

  • Z Zegna

  • Clear water

Soft Blues are the new rising color of the Spring-summer 2019 season spotted at the Milan fashion week January 20 – 23: Paris Haute Couture Week , water-blue is the series of Pantone's color palette. The color emerged being soft as well as refreshing for the Nomad men.  


Cobalt blue
  • Golden Goose

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Bright Cobalt

Cobalt blue is one of the most popular emerging colors of the season. Not just at Paris, we found it equally getting adored at Milan, and  London fashion week S/S 2021 FASHION WEEK DATE- September 19 - 22, 2020 .