AW 21/22 Fabric Trends

Top 10 fabric trend direction for AW 2022/23


The Fall winter 2022 fashion week witnessed the raw and staple fabrics where in London, New York, Paris and Milan fashion week January 20 – 23: Paris Haute Couture Week fulfilled the consumers demands for the nostalgic life. As we are witnessing how pandemic caused the people to re-think about the real definition of the modernity it is now the time to embrace vintage fashion and the slow life.

For Autumn winter 2022/23 fabric fashion buyers are looking for tangible and measurable benefits from the things in which they invest. The pandemic shifted consumer perception of value towards minimal consumption that emphasises affordability, convenience, and protection.

Consumers are also redefining value through a results-driven lens, seeking durability, flexibility of use, and efficacy. Nonetheless, while consumers value their daily essentials, they still seek simple pleasures in splurges that elevate their everyday – they just might need a little extra nudge from brands to allow themselves to feel comfortable with these mini indulgences

Embracing elements of primitive living to disconnect us from the comforts and trappings of modern consumerist society and launch us into the savage world of untamed nature. Consumers focuses on the fabrics with the organic aesthetics of nature infused design that is wild and poetic, raw and calming.


The additional fabrics of autumn 2022 satisfy the daily wearing and also present changes in appearance and texture. This report will discuss and predict the fabric trend for A/W 2022 through the introduction of variable stripe &check, distressed & tie-dyed, satin &silk, soft leather, metal luster, modern corduroy, transparent lace & gauze, light tweed, fancy quilting, and 3D embossing.


  • Massimo Alba AW21

  • Etro AW21

  • Cinq A Sept Po AW 21


With the rise of the Otaku Economy, thermal and soft corduroy textiles get inspiration from relaxing soft home decorations to strengthen the textured touch. Soft-finished corduroy uses creative pile-cutting, mismatching, and rippled embossed texture to inject innovation into the textured surface.

Classical Tweeds

  • Ana Sui AW 21

  • Tweed Fabric

  • MSGM

With the rising popularity of handicrafts, tweed fabric has become a trendy selection. Lighter natural materials and neo fibers are integrated into the tweed textiles. Creative color combination and pattern perfectly subvert the tradition and present a more fashionable and vital visual experience.

Laces and Organza

  • Isabel Marant AW21

  • Simon Rocha AW21

  • Organza Fabric

The lace fabric is interpreted in a brand new way in autumn 2021. The transparency increases the romantic and sexy tonality of style. The elegant, light yet vital feel is the key of lace fabric in this season. Different crafts are used to present various textures and a more relaxing and romantic vibe. Gauze is often combined with lace and embroidery.

Shiney leathers

  • Isabel Marant AW21

  • Koche AW21

  • Velasquez

Leather fabric will keep its momentum in A/W 2021. Bright colors are fused with patent leather and granular reflection to the luxurious and light fashion texture. The special soft finish makes the fabric resilient, which is suitable for developing shirts, dresses, jackets, outerwear, and trousers.

Metallic Shine

  • Ambush

  • Discovered

  • Michael Kors

Under the background of post-urban, survival and protection will become the developing direction of autumn 2021 fabrics. Antibacterial, thermal, and protective active metal fibers are integrated to present the protective function and luxurious metal luster of futurist A/W fabrics. The multiple colors of metal-colored textiles interpret the luxurious and technical texture through the new changeable aesthetic. Foil materials apply reflective granular or colorful film to present the electroplated effect, which is suitable for protective clothes at night and eye-catching trendy items

Color merge and Tye & Dye

  • Thebe Magugu

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Fabric Sample

  • Altuzarra AW21

All-over distressed process or water-washed edges form a natural faded effect, which is suitable for street and cotton-linen styles. The application of tie-dyeing and halo-dyeing on T-shirts and sweatshirts is also popular. Natural plant dyes are applied widely on autumn 2021 items.


  • Coach AW21

  • Locascio AW21

  • bally AW21

Herringbone pattern fabrics

  • Fendi AW 21

  • Emporio Armani 21

  • Fendi AW 21


  • Nanushka AW21

  • Sally La Pointe

  • Dries Van Noten

Plain fabric heals the body and mentality, and soft luxurious fabric makes people joyful. Entry-lux satin and silk are the key fabrics of daily and indoor life. The application of simple and versatile core items updates the product structure of the party theme and makes the party daily.