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Top 10 color forecast for spring summer 2018

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We at F-trend bring up with the must-have most accurate color forecast 2018 of the spring-summer 2018 season for the fashion market. 

Last years spring summer 2017 color forecast established to be the most accurate where we have added how orange, red, Yellow and Pink is maturing as the key hue for the season.

Our consumer trend prediction for the 2018/19 reveals newly evolved  Millennials and generation Z looking for new challenges, for summer 2018 warm colors take the lead, surpassing blues for the first time:

For 2018 season Salmon pink to be the major favorite, while solar egg yolk yellow and the almost signage-like fiscal orange pack a vitamin punch for a dazzling and joyful summer.

In the second place, greens are musts, with a touch of “acid green” or the more intense “poker green” to play off contrasts.

Note the emergence of the little fresh greens and a touch of fuchsia accents, Fairy tale pink and Orange peel are the emerging essential colors for the year 2018

Here are the key consumer attitudes helping to define the next big color trend for 2018

Metallic and Saturated visually deceiving

  • Panton-10126c

  • Pantone metalic

  • Luminous saturated orange

This season saturated colors are evolving, taking an inspiration from the morning glow, orange light, and metallic reflection.

Luminous hues to inspire consumer as the radiating floral brightness exhibiting the color optical illusions to be the key color of the season.

The silvery Metallic reflection adds the sensation to eyes through its reflection, not just silvery shine we visualize ruby jewel tones bringing the luminous hues to dictate the spring-summer 2018 colors.

Temperley London
Temperley London

Temperley London SS18

Consumer attitude: Power of Likes

  • Clear water

  • fairy tale

  • Adeam

While the world looks polarized but millennials love to spread positivity this is why neutral and balanced color palette in color wheel to dominate this season. 

Sprawling in the center of the color spectrum between the composure of blue and the activity of yellow, green is known as the great harmonizer.

Often described as a restful shade, physiologically green was always the color of emotional satisfaction, which stirs the nervous system, inducing us to breathe slowly and deeply, helps the body and mind to relax by slowing the production of stress hormones.

Used richly whether, in open fields or a park in an urban environment, the serenity of nature’s greens can quickly bring about a sense of balance and harmony.

Leafy greens connect with newness, youth, and growth. Heralded by the annual emergence each spring of tender green shoots, a majority of people see green as symbolic of nature and new beginnings as green refreshes restore and reaffirms that the seasons repeat in exactly the same sequence each year.

Green is the color of survival and youth as our target market is youth driven.

Activity and Movement

  • activity

  • Flame red

  • Orange peel

Today's consumers are very much self-conscious when it matter of their daily food and physical activity. Researchers reveal the fitness start to become the new quintessential for the millennials though they have very inadequate time considering when it's come to balancing work and health. 

On the streets, at juice bars, young ladies could be noticed in their gym tights exhibits the importance of athleisure-wear as the essential style for to balances the work and lifestyle.

The colors developing are full of the energy of bright shades, very reactionary, depicting the freshness but yet very active. Lime yellow, Tablet orange, bright red palettes are the key emanating color trends for the S/S18 season.

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