Lakme Fashion Week winter festive 2019 Trends

Lakme Fashion Week winter festive 2019 Trends

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The key Lakme fashion week winter festive 2019 season trends had a varied appeal for different type of consumers. Designers presented their signature styles mostly the focus was on making looks very fluid.

The most famous colors spotted at the event were Hues of emerald, petrol, purple and plum with neutrals like gold, blush, silver, ivory, purples, greens, and pinks.

Avant-garde designer Amit Aggarwal in collaboration with R- Elan closed Day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019 with a luxury prét collection, ‘Flux.’ Being a forerunner in repurposing materials, brand Amit Aggarwal has strived to find new life in discard with each of its collections. As India becomes the first nation to recycle 90% of its PET waste, the brand has joined hands with Reliance Industries Limited’s textile arm – R-Elan, to become part of this far-reaching movement.

The fabric group lent the brand with its technology that engineers PET bottles into a rare textile that imitates the nature of light and its very properties. Flux reimagines the laws that direct the journey of light – motivating every cut, embroidery, hue, and silhouette that make the soul of the collection. The brand’s signature recycled polymer gives this textile the form and detail that is synonymous with its innate complexion of structure juxtaposed with fluidity.

Closing the show was ace cricketer and Indian team all-rounder, Hardik Pandya who walked the ramp with model and actress Lisa Haydon.

Talking about his show stoppers Amit Aggarwal said, "Having a futuristic and eclectic vibe in mind for the show, I wanted to choose an individual who could carry forward that style and persona. Hardik is a national hero, and Lisa happens to be the woman of my dreams- both make cool style statements and was the perfect fit for my vision."

The prints had Geometric compositions, sheer wraps, exaggerated sleeves, power shoulders, and billowing skirts furnish the collection in design and aesthetic. Techniques such as plissé, fine draping, three-dimensional embroideries are used as a reminder of the craftsmanship the label is known for.



On the looks showcased from the line, Amit Aggarwal said, "The collection is very edgy, with personalized styling. However, at the same time, it's conscious, thoughtful and it is fashion with a purpose. The looks are very eclectic and futuristic with a flash of color while being conscious and sustainable."

Models sashayed on a runway of LED screens that reflected visuals of colors changing depicting the fluid nature of the designs while complimenting the structured silhouettes. 

Colors at the Amit Aggarwal show had Hues of emerald, petrol, purple and plum with neutrals like gold, blush, silver, and ivory effeminate the collection for a present-day wearer who inclines grandeur and well being of both fellow beings and the planet. A performance by these colors, textile, and techniques enable a life of luxury and sustainability.

  • Amit Aggarwal presents Flux at Lakme Fashion Week WF'19

  • Amit Aggarwal presents Flux at Lakme Fashion Week WF'19

  • Amit Aggarwal presents Flux at Lakme Fashion Week WF'19

  • Saksha and Kinni

  • Saksha and Kinni: Lakme Fashion Week winter festive 2019 Trends

  • Saksha and Kinni: Lakme Fashion Week winter festive 2019 Trends

Arcus by Saaksha & Kinni Autumn/Winter Festive 2019

The starting point for the brand this season was to explore the explosion of color and print that the two states of Gujarat and Rajasthan have to offer. With that in mind, designer duo, Saaksha, and Kinni, once again romanticized their love for Gujarat’s renowned Ikat work and Rajasthan’s infamous Leheirya prints, albeit from a new lens, this time also diving into the unique prints that are specifically worn by the Fakirani Jatts of Kutch.

With an aim to reinterpret these timeless prints into modern, contemporary, empowering silhouettes that represent and celebrate the modern global woman.

The Fabrics duo has worked with satins, cotton silks, and drill fabrics. The satins and cotton silks representing femininity, grace, and elegance; while the drills represent strength and masculinity - thus creating the perfect imbalance.

The color palette primarily consisted of purples, greens, and pinks. Each strong in their own right, vivid and playful, yet fierce and bold.

Complementing the boldness of the garments, models were seen sporting fierce dreadlocked, messy buns tied up with colorful pieces of fabric. While the makeup laid focus on the eyes with a fun splatter of pink

Speaking about their collection Saaksha says, “With this collection, we have gone bolder with our silhouettes by making power suits, sheer kaftans, and evening gowns with embroidered jackets. We want to celebrate the colors and prints, in all their glory, that India has to offer.”

  • Sunaina Khera Lakme Fashion Week W/F '19

  • Sunaina Khera Lakme Fashion Week W/F '19

  • Sunaina Khera Lakme Fashion Week W/F '19

"Dear Mom" by Sunaina Khera Lakme Fashion Week W/F '19

Expressing meaningful personal life experiences in the form of ensembles has always been the core design ethos for the designer, Sunaina Khera. This Lakme Fashion Week W/F '19, the designer launched her new collection 'Dear Mom' as an ode to one of the strongest female figures in her life.

The collection embodied Sunaina's love for her mother and all things dear to her—which reflected in the motifs, colors, and techniques that she has incorporated.

Channeling her emotions and life journey through her design sensibilities and aesthetics, Sunaina created an eclectic vocabulary of ensembles. The beautiful curation of feminine motifs and silhouettes entailed an underlining personal story - allowing the designer to use emotion as her design language.

The colors ranging from pink, burgundy, beige and black, including motifs of lilies, roses, and cherry blossoms - commemorating her mother’s taste. Intricately embellished saris, the brands signature lehengas with hand-embroidered dupattas and beautiful dresses in rich organzas, tulles, and crepes were also showcased on the runway.

Speaking about the collection, Sunaina Khera said, “The collection is a love letter to my mom. It’s inspired by her beauty, selflessness, and kind nature. Since the design is my way of expression, I wanted to express how special my mother is to me."