6 Vegan Handbag Trends For 2021 And Beyond

6 Vegan Handbag Trends For 2021 And Beyond

As a vegan, you want to stay true to your commitment, not only food-wise but also concerning accessories like handbags. Thankfully, there are handbags out there made from vegan leather. This is a product made from raw materials like polyethylene, cork, pineapple leaves, fruit waste, recycled plastics, and apple peels. You’d mistake it for real leather if no one told you otherwise. This way, you can still look fashionable if you’re a vegan. 


Consider these seven vegan handbag trends for 2021 and beyond:


1. Thick Chain Link Straps

Handbags with thick chain links for the strap first came into the limelight in late 2019. By 2021, the straps had evolved to extra-large chain links. Furthermore, the same chain link design could be seen in accompanying jewelry shoe tops.


Since the emergence of this classy trend, many people, including celebrities, have been spotted carrying such handbags.



2. 2D Bags

2D bags have a shallow depth, just as the name suggests. These are the kind you wear to official functions. Thanks to technology, the vegan leather used for the main carrier and straps make the handbags look exactly like actual leather. Thus, you won’t fall short of the usual expectations in such formal settings.



Like other types of bags, 2D bags have also evolved, and their outlook now is different from how they looked three years ago. New models are being released year in year out. The modern 2D bags look cool and super elegant. Thus, you can carry them on different occasions, including official meetings.



3. Clutch Bags

Similar to the phone case handbags, you have another super compressed and puffed option popularly known as the clutch bag. This is perfect for those times you want to carry as little as possible, perhaps your phone, cash, and a minute hand sanitizer.


With a short strap, the handbag fits right under your armpits. But rest assured that it feels very comfortable, in fact with a cloud-like landing. You want to carry this handbag to non-official engagements like a girls’ party, a date with your boyfriend, or a meet-up with friends.




4. Curved Carryall
  • Rodo S/S 2021

  • Rodo S/S 2021

  • Stella Mc Carteny

2021’s other trend is the roomy, loose-fitting, and soft carryall, which seems to evolve with every dawn of another year. In essence, plenty of people love it for the fact that they can carry “all” of their belongings in a trendy handbag. If you wish to, go for those with sleek stitches or detailed knots to further pimp your looks.


For even better results, pair the curved carryall with casual wear, such as a denim top or a sleeveless shirt. You can also use it during winter when you’re warmly dressed. The handbag allows you to put your hands in your pockets for added warmth since it rests just below your shoulder.



5. Mobile carry holder
  • Max Mara S/S 2021

  • Victoria Tomas S/S 20211

  • Victoria Tomas S/S 20211

Technology has certainly made life easier. For one, you can leave your house with your phone only, especially when you want to go for a sanity walk, a morning run, or if you want to accomplish a quick errand in town.


In such times, what you need is a tiny handbag that snugly houses your smart device, just like a phone case. You can also choose something stylish and convenient if you don't want to carry heavy stuff. If you’ve been yearning to travel light and use your phone to make your payments and stay in communication with family and friends, carrying such a vegan bag will help serve that purpose.



6. Belt Bags
  • Stella McCartney PF21

  • Stella McCartney PF21

  • Stella McCartney PF21

  • Stella McCartney PF21

History indeed repeats itself. Back in the 1980s, young ladies rocked this classy accessory. In 2021, you can spot numerous girls with hands-free luxury belt bags. With belt bags, you can walk around with your essential stuff without having to use your hands to carry the bag. You simply use the straps to tie the miniature bag around your waist the same way you use a belt. 


With your hands freed, you can ride a bike, carry children, serve snacks at an outdoor event, and more.




To wrap it up, vegans are also making bold fashion statements out there, thanks to the ingenuine vegan leather technology. You’ll never run out of options just because you don’t consume animal products. Use the above vegan handbag trends to elevate your 2021 fashion sense. 


Remember to choose a handbag design and color that compliments your outfit and fits the occasion. Most importantly, don’t feel shy to experiment. Get creative and come up with unique combinations that others can adore and copy.