Spring Summer 2022 Shoe trend Insight

7 Women's Spring Summer 2022 Shoe trend Insight

As we are gradually getting out of the pandemic lock-down, we are readying ourselves for outdoor life and getting ready for the summer vacation there would be increased social activity this will make women buy Sandals with a rubber sole, moccasins, clogs, sneakers, raffia knitted shoes will be a key trend in 2022/23.


“Being at home has become a lifestyle in itself – for many, the center of all that we do both personally and professionally. Brands have an opportunity to capitalize on the more casual, comfort-focused features that consumers have become accustomed to wearing inside of the home and adapt for use outside of the home.


As social life activities are currently declining, the human desire for showcasing the achievements is getting compensated by the things that matter to an individual's daily life will be given importance. It will impact the luxury fashion market sale.


“The elegant, evening high-heel category is suffering much more than other shoe kinds,” says Hortense Demay, accessories purchase director at Paris department store Galeries Lafayette. “This crisis is only amplifying some trends that were already around.”


Demand for designer shoes last year slid 21% globally compared to a 19% slump for the broader footwear market, according to data collected by Euromonitor International. The segment of the market was also growing at a slower pace in the five years before the coronavirus pandemic hit.


Lyst, the world’s biggest fashion search platform, saw online searches for “heels” increase of 33% in the fourth quarter of 2020 from the previous year, reps believe it had more to do with a desire for shorter mules, which saw a 47% increase, and the general move to online shopping during the pandemic. 


Stilettos are down by 12% and, heel boots witnessed a decline of 9% from the year before; sandal heels are up 21%. Searches for slippers moved up 242%, and within that category searches, for clogs lived up 110%.

Fashion footwear sales including heels, sandals, and, boots showed up a similar story; while overall sales declined -27% for the year, slippers are up by 21%, and clogs +33% were areas of the growth.


Consumer Behaviour and demand alteration


If history has taught us anything about the cycle of fashion, it’s that, after a difficult period, women like to peacock. On the heels of the 1918 pandemic came the Roaring Twenties and flapper styles. After World War II, Christian Dior’s New Look was the rage. In China, once the worst of its coronavirus crisis was over, women took to malls in record numbers.


According to The NPD Group, The circumstances encompassing 2020 accelerated the comfort movement that was already initiated within the U.S. fashion apparel and footwear markets. While total apparel sales declined -19% in 2020, comfy-cozy categories such as sweatpants (+17%), sleepwear (+6%), and sports bras (+10%) grew during a challenging period for the industry. 


In footwear, Luxury sneaker sales also declined YOY, although at a much softer rate than the overall category.


Regardless, whether consumers adopt permanent work-from-home life or go back to the office, demand for comfortable and relaxed fashion trends will continue to rise in the future.


According to an NPD survey, 70% of consumers stated once they are back to work and other activities, they would plan to wear carelessly they did before the pandemic.


In December 2020, the activewear categories along with basics captured the largest market share compared to 2019, which grew by 4 percent.


In footwear, according to NPD’s Future of Footwear report forecasts that in 2021 the fashion category will recuperate, though it will regain less than half of the volume it lost in 2020.


Key design changes

We expect shoes will focus more on functionality we, anticipate everything to be even more comfortable. The focus should be flat and thick heels allurement.


As comfort dominates the decision-making, the women’s slippers category to emerge as one of the few bright places in fashion footwear this year is likely to be a hot holiday item and will remain stable in 2021 – even beating 2020 sales.


Following a similar pattern after declines during the last two years, sneakers are expected to witness gain in 2021 – the growth will be driven by concrete running shoes. 


In addition to easier YOY comparisons, which may factor into the growth, running shoes are poised to outperform the overall market as consumers continue turning to the activity to stay active yet socially distant.


The most successful changes will be to transform footwear like a sleeper- That is flat, open, cushioned, and with straps. Crocs, lined/fuzzy sandals, and a newer crop of hybrid casual styles that combine slippers, shoes, and sneakers will become key design development. 


Fashion shoes and boots will likely come in soft, slouchy leather but, the cold weather casual business has already picked up – driven by that coziness factor, as well as the potential anticipation of spending time outdoors this winter.  


The future of footwear is to be a hybrid between casual and more formal, traditional footwear styles. “Fashion is linked to the history of luxury but also streetwear now,”


What shoes will be popular in 2022?

As we are seeing Covid-19 has shifted the consumer approach to comfort and relaxed habit. The most popular footwear of the season should have a comfortable silhouette in Flexi, slouchy materials like rubber, cloth material, and sponge soles.

Sandals with flat elevated platform-like style in rubber material, as seen in Rodo's S/S 21 collection, or women's loafer in soft leather material over the rubber base is an updated look of the season.


Soft leather Loafers
  • Coperni AW 21

  • Wandeler S/S 2021

  • Loewe

Soft and slouchy Leathers make shoes comfortable that are suitable for home and outdoor wearing.

Fuzzy Sandals
  • Rodo AW 21

  • Giuseppe Zanotti AW 21

  • Giuseppe Zanotti AW 21

Fuzzy sandals being comfortable to emerge as the popular style, as we are noticing an increase in consumer's search for these styles from last few seasons due to covid.

Make sure the sole is a little elevated and has flat cushions for a cozy foot. These footwear's fuzzy styles are playful that reminds us the childhood memories when we are feeling less optimistic about the future.

  • Hermes

  • Hermes SS21

  • Louis Vuitton S/S 2021

Knitted Sandals
  • Chloe AW 2021

  • Chloe AW 2021

  • Chloe AW 2021

Chloe brings fleece cushion home slippers and cozy shoes that are a hybrid of outdoor and indoor look.

High sole leather shoes-platforms
  • Victoria Tomas

  • Victoria Tomas

  • pollini S/S 2021

  • Victoria Tomas

Sandals get updated to the flat, cushioned platform sole from medium height to little more elevated versions. Overall the catwalk trend dominated for the comfort and carefree directions.

Tods AW21, agl-attilio-giusti-leombruni, giannico, Victoria Tomas SS21

Flat Pumps and sandals
  • Rodo S/S 2021

  • Poloini S/S 2021

  • Stella McCartney S/S 2021

  • Rodo AW 21

Designers are focusing on flat or low kitten heels as consumers prefer comfort and a relaxed look. Prada Kitten heel had sporty pointed pumps, while Valentino and Stella McCartney also played with the pointed shapes

Home quilt slippers
  • Louis Vuitton S/S 2021

  • Issey Miyake S/S 2021

  • Louis Vuitton S/S 2021

Louis Vuitton took comfort to a new level, introducing a duvet-like boot, while Issey Miyake added a similar polyester fabric cloth slipper with rubber soles.

Cloth wrap sandals

Kenzo S/S 2021