Popular Sneaker Trends you Need to Know in 2021

Sneakers are probably the most popular style of footwear for both men and women. These versatile shoes have been around since the 1860s when Charles Goodyear invented the first shoe designed for organized sports. Since then, sneakers have evolved into work shoes, fitness shoes, and an avenue to make a fashion statement. 


With countless styles and functions to choose from, keeping up with the latest trends will give you a leg up in the fashion scene.  But, if you want to be a leader in the fashion world, take note of these popular sneaker trends you need to know for 2021. 

Popular Sneaker Trends You Need to Know in 2021 

Find your Platform 

If you think platform sneakers never made it to the fashion scene, think again. While this trend never really took off in the past, now is the time to don your platforms to spruce up a casual or fancier style outfit. 

Platform sneakers come in all sorts of varieties so it’s easy to find a pair that suits you. These days, you won’t only find your favorite sport-style sneakers in platform styles, some stores are even selling the platform version of your favorite canvas sneakers and Converse classics. 

Pair your platform sneakers with your favorite sporty outfit or add them to a classic casual ensemble of denim pants and a sports jacket. Platform sneakers can add a whole new dimension to any favorite outfit, just make sure you practice walking in them before hitting the track or dance floor. 

Turn Up the Color a Notch or Two

Most sneaker designs are a single or two-tone color at best.  Recently in 2021, sneaker companies have been adding patches and swatches of bright colors to embellish their sneakers and add some style. The current trends offer up some pretty exotic colors to match your outfits or individual style. 

Shoe stores and websites are stocking their inventory with color block sneakers and watching them sell like hotcakes on a Sunday morning. Some styles sport two or three colors while others don’t hold back and offer up to 4-5 colors in a single shoe, it should be easy to find a pair that suits you. 

Color-block sneakers can be worn with a single-tone outfit to make them stand out or paired with a colorful ensemble to tie together the colors and styles that suit the occasion. Since color-block sneakers can be very flashy, it’s not necessary to match a single color with what you’re wearing. Consider color block sneakers a stand-alone shoe style that can enhance the style of any shade you choose to wear. 

Transition to the Space Age


Although we’ve successfully made it to the moon and back, a lot of variety and style are evolving from the current interest in space exploration. Sneakers have made it to the top of the list when it comes to space-age style. Sleek designs and metallic colors are a staple for this new sneaker trend. 

When you think space-age, think silver, gold, metallic, or white for your color choices.  There is certainly no shortage of choices when it comes to space-age sneaker style, even Puma is sporting some new gold and silver designs for their current product line. 

Your new space-age style sneakers can spiff up almost any casual outfit but will probably end up as your new go-to party shoe. Whether you wear them to your next backyard barbecue or match them to style up your clubwear, the new space-age style sneakers are guaranteed to turn heads 

Go Retro

Vintage and retro-style sneakers are probably the fastest emerging sneaker trend of 2021. The good thing is, you don’t have to ransack grandma’s closet or take a trip to Goodwill to find your new trendy shoes. Companies that make sneakers and shoes are already on top of things. Retro styles are being created with new materials by many designers. The Air Jordan is a great example of an iconic shoe with multiple designs, which inspired many matching Jordan apparel items.

The current trends sport retro styles in various colors and styles with a focus on slimmer, flatter designs of the past. Look for options like the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'Light Fusion Red' to add sporty pizazz to any outfit. Pair them with a vintage tracksuit for a cohesive look.

Retro-style sneakers can add layers of style and interest to any outfit even if you’re going for something more classy. Spiff up a casual white outfit with a pair of two-tone retro-style shoes or match them with a pair of flared types of denim to truly embrace the style of an era you may or may not have lived through already. 

Chunky is the New Funky

Until recently, most sneakers were designed to streamline the shape of your pants or legs, and that trend is slowly dying out. With a variety of new materials and styles hitting the shelves, you’re going to notice chunkier versions of some of the sleeker designs you’ve seen in the past. 


Thicker soles and heavier materials are flooding the shelves as shoe companies try to embrace this style revolution. For 2021, bigger is definitely better when it comes to sneaker trends. Look for styles that are chunkier and bulkier if this is the trend you’re going for. 


While chunky style shoes were reserved for baggier, less form-fitting outfits, that's simply not the case anymore. Your chunky-style sneakers can be worn with both skinny-style pants and their looser-fitting cargo-style counterparts. An added bonus to some chunky styles is the increased stability that comes with a thicker and fatter-made shoe. 

Staying on Top of Your Sneaker Game This Year