Chanel Fall 2016 - all about following the trend

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Paris- Karl Lagerfeld the creative director of Chanel yet again presented one of the excellent collection, today at the final day opening of the Paris fashion week fall 2016.
If we can define the collection appeared to be a vaguely equestrian theme gave form to leather-brimmed boaters with a dangling strap at one side, riding boots, and, later, khaki mackintoshes. The tweed suit sewed with denim had new playful drama.
Shades of Pink,  raspberry, fuchsia or magenta, pink comes in many tones at the Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld accessorised the silhouettes of the Chanel Fall-Winter 2017 show with layers of pearls; Karl played with pleated chiffon, tulle ruffles and cream lace contrast with black leather lace.
The important thing about the collection was the riding hats which featured straps with Byzantine crosses, pearls or camellias

chanel fall 2016 - all about following the trend


Channel fall 2016
Channel fall 2016
Channel fall 2016

The dangling pearl necklaces, pussy bow shirt, worn inside the overcoat with diamond shape prints over black colour palette looked elegant. Sweaters with eyelet hole, worn with the fluid skirt are the new ensemble to follow at the Karl’s Chanel fall 2016 show; we also loved the punk look where metal necklace chain, worn with flower printed denim pant at the show.

Tweed as a piece of fabric is the continuation of last AW collection, seems like Karl is still showing love for it, the silhouettes didn’t change much which is the reminiscence of his past collection. The collection is still sartorial, solid lines, jacket and suits. In other words, classic Chanel at its most delightful, and yet is also speaking to a trend of the moment with pussy bow scarf tied around a neck.

Colours varied from the beige to black and pristine white, light grey to dark royal blues, fuschia, raspberry, magenta which was for the evening wear gown dress

At the end talk of the show Chanel chosen Willow Smith as the new brand ambassador