What You Need to Start a Clothing Business Online

If fashion is your passion, you may be eyeing the idea of starting a clothing business online. Nowadays, many people do their clothes shopping online. The trend became even more apparent during the pandemic when brick-and-mortar stores had to close down.

Of course, since the clothing industry is quite competitive, starting from scratch and building a successful venture is not that easy. On the other hand, most global brands had nothing when they opened their first internet stores. There are plenty of success stories that should inspire you. And to help with the ordeal, here are a few suggestions that you will need to implement in your strategy.

Before you start your business in fashion and lifestyle products the first thing you need to do is to know the trends of the market. The best way yo start with understanding your market and targeting the right consumers.

What You Need to Start a Clothing Business Online


Suggestion #1 – Pick a Niche and Business Model

Let’s start with the importance of picking the right niche and a business model. If you are a novice, sticking to a simple idea might be for the best. T-shirts are a good example. Learning how to make your own shirt is not that difficult if you invest in manufacturing equipment. 

On the other hand, you could pick a different approach and stick to a drop shipping model. Not having to spend money on manufacturing equipment would not affect your budget as much.

There are plenty of great services that can come to your aid. Printify is one of the best examples. In fact, From the top ten items sold on Printify - 4 are different kinds of t-shirts, which indicates how successful some brands are by collaborating with Printify.

Once you have an idea and a business model in mind, prepare to research the market to find what your competition would look like. If you decide to stick to custom t-shirts, you will need to select a niche. 

Offering good quality products is not enough to sell them. It is the design that makes or breaks custom t-shirt sales. 

If you lack the graphic design talent yourself, you will need to hire a professional and let them handle that aspect of the work. And this is not that bad of an idea since you will have more time to focus on promoting the business.

When picking a design niche, look for a specific topic that does not have as much competition, but there is still a demographic for it. For instance, if you plan to print video game designs, do not go for generic ideas. Instead, pick a genre, a specific video game, or even a specific character and come up with design ideas for that character. 

Suggestion #2 – Set up Your Online Store


Having a niche in mind means that you can move on to the next step – building a website. Fortunately, WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms simplify the whole process. You can set up a website with a few clicks.

You will need a domain name. Make it short and to the point. Next, select a reliable hosting provider that ensures proper website loading speed and uptime. 

The site itself does not have to be too complicated, especially early on. Focus on a simple and intuitive UI so that website visitors can find your products and purchase them. 

Do not forget about offering multiple payment methods. If someone finds that your store accepts only credit cards, they will not finish the transaction.

Finally, make sure that your product descriptions are apt and there are customer reviews to create a sense of reliability. After all, a website visitor is more likely to convert if they see genuine feedback from prior customers.

Suggestion #3 – Establish Your Online Presence

The last suggestion is about establishing your online presence. In other words, you need to promote the store. Do not expect visitors to stumble upon your website randomly and spend money on the first product they notice.

No, you will have to work on search engine optimization, social media marketing, collaborations with influencers, PPC marketing, email marketing, and other advertising methods to attract relevant traffic to your website. 

Some marketing methods require more investment than others. Also, it is not that easy to optimize content for search engines if you lack experience. To get solid results, you will most likely need to hire someone with experience.

Marketing is one of the cornerstones of a successful online business. It is recommended to reinvest money and scale the venture to grow and overtake the competition.

When you feel like the time to introduce new products is right, check what is trending and consider which addition to your store would make the most sense.

Lastly, try your best to look for new marketing methods to reach an even wider audience. And if you notice that a particular advertising strategy is not bringing you desirable results, abandon it and switch to a different idea. There is no need to force a promotion campaign that is not working.

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