Suppleness and free spirited: AW18 Street Trend Mumbai

Suppleness and free spirited: AW18 Street Trend Mumbai

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The trend we have been witnessing during the Lakme fashion week summer resort 18 at Jio Garden Mumbai is all about suppleness and the free-spirited mind consumers. Though the five days of fashion brought designers sharing the similar thoughts as well resulting in contemporary Indian silhouettes at the runway.

The key trend we spotted has mixed styles and very experimental. The women spotted were very casual looking long shirt allowing the maximum freedom- same goes to the bottom-wear where silhouettes are very supple and wide-legged.

Among Bottomewear tracksuit, jeans and shorts were the key styles spotted at the show area and in top camisole, tank tops and shirts are the top styles. The shirt was either of cotton or crepe and lace.

The dresses wore are very fluid as well as the translucent layering validating consumers demand the ease and comfort with detailing without constraint.

Off shoulder or cold shoulder top and dresses still make the statement while crop tops and blouse are seen as strong appearance.

Floral, stripes and ethnic prints looked prominent at the venue showcasing visitors look for simplicity and sober living. Now they look for the home like relaxed styling even at the streets.

While globally jeans are getting relaxed but in Mumbai, the cropped and slim jeans are still more prevalent than the loose style. Cropped and ripped denim is 

The popular choice of colors appeared to be black and very sober, subdued, pastel and white. Pink is still keeping its energy 


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  • Ripped style jeans

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  • Fluid dress

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