London fashion week Fall 2018 street Trends

London street fall men's fashion trends 2018 brings Vintage classic

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For the men's fashion trends 2018, from the London fashion week, the year has officially arrived and is the year of young professionals. The consumers these days, fitting into the individualist category are career oriented and always try to leave their impression wherever they go.

Innovative layering along with some serious mix and match of prints and fabrics of contrast nature are highly being accepted. We can undoubtedly approve this year dedicated to all the vintage classics from around the world. 

To start with, the fedoras and newsboy caps from the late 19th century have hit the market like a giant, heavy wrecking ball. Knits are back in the form of oversized inners and sweatshirts and are pared down with the best blazers from this season. 

As we have already entered in 2018, fabrics are getting technical and people have already ditched the trend of mixed prints from the past year.

At London, the street Vintage dressing is not just old used clothes but proves to be a statement as well as promotes feel-good factor through expressing the spirit and creativity. Of course, not everyone is the same and do not want to look the same. This trend seems to have stitched people together but they become picky while picking up the garments from this new trend. 

Contemporary fashion is in and each individual, coming from any age group is reinventing and are trying to put their best foot forward as an individual. Then settling for the perfect berets and beanies just prove what a vintage pro you are.

Eras are being mixed, twisted and blended or we can simply say that this generation is throwback trendy. It could be a subtle 80s color pop or minimalistic approach to old corduroy pants styles along with undone 20s fur-trimmed coats has spotted for the London fall men's fashion trends 2018. 

The rules are being broken and comfort and durability is now the priority to millennials according to their new guidelines. The acceptability and tolerance level has increased. Also, different opinions on fashion and lifestyle, something disparate is also being approved. The age range for socially aware adults have increased and consumers can be observed moving towards wearing classics and uniques.

Value and individuality stand ahead of luxury and the concept of brands. Millenials form the majority of the population of any country in the world right now. Aware of the concepts of sustainability, positive fashion finds them responsible and act as one in order to empower the community.

All codes have been broken and formal shoes have left streets of London leaving behind trendy sneakers. With respect to the athleisure trend and outbreak of consumer’s comfort dressing preferences, sneakers have become lighter, more comfortable and easy to carry.

Indicative of a simpler lifestyle, a classic to go outfit is a semi-formal clothing and flowy footwear to add on, with an undone belt.

  • London fashion week Fall 2018 street Trends

  • London fashion week Fall 2018 street Trends

  • London fashion week Fall 2018 street Trends