What's In Store For Custom Clothing Businesses For 2022

What's In Store For Custom Clothing Businesses For 2022

As the world ushered in the 21st century, many were unprepared for what was coming. The fashion industry took quite a hit with the chaos affecting forecasted trends suddenly not taking shape and consumer behavior being influenced by the need to stay at home. 

For the first few months of the pandemic, almost everyone was locked in quarantine. Thus, fashion took a backseat, except for the custom clothing sector. Custom clothing resisted the change and even propelled itself to greater heights. 

According to Business Wire, the market size for custom t-shirt printing will rise to USD 7.57 billion by 2028. To give you a glimpse, here's what's in store for the custom clothing business in 2022:


  1.  Call For The Use Of Sustainable Materials

Many social-conscious individuals now call for sustainable materials in the fashion industry, including the custom clothing sector. Eco-friendly materials are now being used in custom clothing businesses to lessen the negative impact on the environment, from manufacturing up to the final stage of delivery fulfillment to customers. 

Custom clothing businesses now use recycled fabrics to make brand new clothes. Instead of the usual plastisol ink used in silkscreen printing, they now use water-based dyes and inks as this would degrade faster than plastisol and would be more beneficial for the environment. 

They’ve also converted their manufacturing equipment to one that uses 80% less water to reduce their ecological impact. Many environmentally-conscious business owners use recycled boxes to ship out clothing purchased by consumers and cover these up with eco-friendly labels instead of creating new packaging that would eventually end up in landfills. 

The trend in eco-friendly fashion is not a fad. Positive brand association is something many businesses are diving into since consumers are now carefully scrutinizing the products they buy and are more inclined to patronize products that align with their values. 


  1. Demand For Branding On The Rise

As new companies emerge, the need for brand imaging rises with it. Newly built companies need a tool to help consumers know them, and one of the most effective ways they can do that is through custom digital printing services. Custom printed T-shirts make brand awareness an easy goal to reach, thus the popularity of custom tees for company events and corporate giveaways.

Company logos and taglines on shirts increase brand recall and awareness, so many companies opt for them instead of more expensive print and social media advertising tactics.


  1.  Size-Inclusive Fashion

The prevalence of obesity and even its severe form are on the rise. In the United States alone in 2018, one in 11 adults had severe obesity, which made it difficult for them to buy clothes off the rack. Because of this, many obese people opt to buy custom-made clothing that fits their size.

Many fashion apparel businesses have plus-size options but now have added inclusive sizing to better cater to their consumers. Most companies that launched their 0 to18 size campaigns failed to deliver their message, instead took a backlash on social media for not fully understanding what inclusive sizing means. 

Having a size-inclusive option for your custom clothing business extends your target market reach and, at the same time, elevates your philosophy in entrepreneurship. 


  1. The Graphic Tee Revolution

There's no shortage of TV series streaming these days. New shows pop up as often as you press play on your remote control. Trending shows increased the demand for custom printed shirts as fans clamored for more ways to express their adulation. Custom graphic tees can showcase stars of the show, memorable quotes, and even just the show's title could be a big hit with fans.  

Besides TV series, movies and music are also excellent avenues for custom printed shirts. Almost anyone has a favorite movie and would proudly wear a shirt with that. Well, who could ever ignore the music industry? Band shirts from 90s bands remain popular and still sought after— talk about Nirvana, Soundgarden, Ramones, and Audioslave, among others. 

Graphic tees are also being utilized to raise awareness on social issues, and messages of support and calls for action are being printed on shirts to amplify their messages to reach the right people.



Allowing consumers to take an active role in the creation of their clothing is a huge deal. Letting them choose the design, color, and every other detail needed empowers them and gives a sense of satisfaction.  And this trend is not waning anytime soon.  

The flexibility and creativity custom clothing offers is the ideal avenue for self-expression that the world requires right now. So, expect custom clothing businesses to boom and thrive in the coming years. 

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