What is a Certified Diamond in Fort-Worth

What is a certified diamond in Fort-Worth? When buying diamonds it should always come with a certificate. Certificates can prove the authenticity of your diamond. Buy wholesale diamonds at Shira Diamonds in Fort-Worth and be assured that you get authentic diamonds. Let’s check more in the details of certified diamonds to know more about them. It pays to be familiar with diamond properties before getting one. Diamonds are pricey so checking things before letting your money go can be a wise move.

Which Certification Is Best For Diamond?

Identifying the diamonds is the main purpose of certifying diamonds and grading the diamonds in all aspects. Doing so once can determine its value and price. When evaluating diamonds the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) are the most reputable laboratories when it comes to certifying diamonds. Each laboratory has different ways of certifying diamonds here are some of the properties being checked are the following:


Diamonds are graded according to colors for GIA they grade them according to letters. Grading starts from letter D to Z. D as the colorless shade then Z as the fancy yellow grade. While AGSL uses a point system of 0.0 for the colorless diamonds and 10.0 for the yellowish shade. Ideal colors for diamonds would be colorless or nearly colorless.


The clarity refers to the presence of inclusions in the diamond. Naturally mined diamonds usually have inclusion, diamonds without inclusion are rare. GIA grades diamonds using codes starting with flawless, very very slightly included (VVS1 and VVS2), Very slightly included (VS1 and VS2), Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2), and included (I1, I2, and I3). While AGSL uses numbers to evaluate the clarity of the diamond each number equates to the grading of that of the GIA. Diamond’s inclusions are measured to determine the clarity grade of the diamond. Skilled graders use devices, equipment as well as check by the naker eye. Getting a diamond with a good quality grade can be ideal since it affects the durability of the diamond. Diamonds with bad inclusions can make it cracked easily.

Shape and Facet Arrangement

Shapes of the diamond can affect its overall quality. Since there are diamond shapes that reveal more inclusion. So shape and facet arrangement are checked when grading a diamond.

Stone Plot

The plot serves as the fingerprint of the diamonds. It can record the external and internal characteristics of the diamond. Before plotting was done by manual sketching on papers but as technology advances computers are used to determine the stone plot.

Are Certified Diamonds Worth It?

When buying diamonds, having a certificate is a must since this can determine the authenticity of the diamond you're buying. Buying diamonds without a certificate is not recommended since you can get false diamonds. Diamonds that don’t have certificates may be cheaper but the risk of getting a fake one is also higher. That’s why it will be best to buy from legit stores and those who issue certificates.

Are Certified Diamonds More Expensive?

Indeed they are since they have gone through the process of evaluation. However, loose diamonds that are sold at a more affordable price also have certificates. During the process of grading the diamonds, it may take several days or two weeks. The days lost of the possibility of selling the diamonds are added to the cost, plus the cost of shipping and grading. All these expenses are added to the costs of the diamond.

Now that you have an idea of what is a certified diamond in Fort Worth then you can now start planning on the diamond you want. Getting familiar with the things you need to consider in grading diamonds can make you understand better why diamonds are priced that way and what diamonds are best to purchase.

Certifying diamonds can be a good way to secure money as well as have peace of mind that the diamond purchased is indeed authentic. Always put in mind that all certification is important when buying diamonds, and legit stores always issue certificates for the diamonds they sell. Otherwise, you have to question their credentials or question the authenticity of the diamond.