Tips in Choosing Diamond Ring Styles in Dallas

Tips in Choosing Diamond Ring Styles in Dallas

Choosing diamond ring styles can be challenging since there are a lot of choices and they are all lovely. So you have to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to be able to pick the best among the choices but still stick to your preferences. There are a lot of diamond rings in Dallas sold by jewelers and you can choose among them who can offer you the best. 

How Do You Choose a Diamond ring style in Dallas?

When choosing a diamond ring style make sure to include the following:

The Center Stone 

The center stone is the most important element of a diamond ring. Therefore it has to be chosen properly, the best way to get it perfect is to know the preference of the wearer. Choosing a center st8ne of your choice is easy but if you will be giving it as a gift it can be more challenging. So better know the preference of the wearer which should include:

  • The size of the Diamond prefered- Some people want a big diamond while some appreciate smaller ones. So know which size can impress them the most then focus on that size. 
  • The shape of the Diamond-Diamonds come in many shapes and some like their center stone in their favorite shape. Take note that each diamond shape comes with a different price tag, you can check it online so you can have a basis on how much to set aside. Know the exact shape the wearer wants. 
  • 4cs of the Diamond -Diamonds are colorless as popularly known but some diamonds have color and they are even more pricey if they are naturally mined. Know if the wearer prefers a colorless diamond or a colored one. The colorless ones will be hard to find since they are rare and expensive so opting for diamonds graded from G to I can be a good alternative since they are the next color grade following colorless diamonds.

The next C is clarity, for clarity, it's simple lesser flaws the better as long as the flaws are not seen by the naked eye and do not affect the brilliance of the ring then they are good enough. For the carats, choose smaller carats that are still good for the center stone since diamonds are priced per carat which means higher carat diamonds are more expensive and the last C is cut. Make sure to get excellent cut diamonds since this affects the durability of the diamond and its overall quality. 

Ring Setting 

Settings simply mean the design of the diamond ring. You can choose a personalised setting if you choose to customise the diamond rings however you can also choose from ready-made settings. When choosing a setting make sure that it can match the fashion statement of a person. If she loves trendy stuff then go for the latest setting or if she wants old fashion designs then go vintage. Again always consider the preference of the wearer.  



Choosing the ring metal can enhance the durability of your diamond ring. The top three metals used for diamond rings are platinum, gold, and silver. For durability, platinum tops the list if they are expensive. For versatility, gold is the best choice since it comes in different shades such as yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

You can choose a shade of gold that matches the skin tone of the wearer. The last metal is silver, they can be practical to choose from since they can also be durable enough to hold the diamond. 


What Styles of Diamond Rings Are Available in Dallas?


The solitaire setting is one of the most popularly known since it is a simple setting and still sturdy enough to hold the center stone with its prongs. It can also be combined with other settings to enhance the appearance. But if the wearer is, then it is perfect for them.  


In this setting, more than one diamond is used and the ring is accessorised with smaller accent stones. This can enhance the size of the center rings as well as the overall beauty of the ring. This is perfect for people who love their ring to sparkle a lot. 


In this setting, the accent diamonds are embedded in the outer ring band which makes the ring more attractive. This can support the beauty of the center stone and make the whole rings look sparkly and elegant. 


The center stone is encircled by smaller stones in the setting, this makes the center stone look bigger. This is perfect for women who like their center stone to stand out and also secures the center stone more. 


Follow these tips in choosing diamond ring styles in Dallas and you will never go wrong.