Styling The Trending Oversized Hoodies in 2024

Styling The Trending Oversized Hoodies in 2024

Do you love wearing oversized clothing but feel like it's a bit too oversized and not the most flattering? Well, that's where an oversized hoodie becomes perfect. They're stylish, easy to style, and on-trend. You don't have to feel like you're walking around in something that doesn't make you look good.

But don't get us wrong, there's a difference between styling an oversized hoodie and simply wearing it.

If you're interested in styling the trending oversized hoodie look, read on to find out more.


The Casual Cool

The casual cool - is one of our favorite looks for winter and spring. There are still a few days of winter left, but, in our opinion, this look works better in spring. In spring - you don't need to go over the top with layers. The hoodie is the focal point of the outfit.

Still, you must find a balance - and we guess it depends on the occasion. You don't need to go casual cool if you're wearing your oversized hoodie to do your weekly shopping.

But for the casual cool look - slim-fit jeans or leggings help counterbalance the hoodie's volume. That's sometimes the issue with oversized hoodie outfits - if everything is too oversized, you can feel ballooned.

And don’t think you have to spend a fortune. You can buy cheap hoodies online from sites like Wordans and still have great quality and fits. You’ll look cool and ‘on-trend’ for sure.


Dress It Up

This article is about style. We must talk about ways to dress it up. Can hoodies be high fashion? Maybe not high fashion, but you can make it look better than casual. Think of a dark, oversized hoodie with wide-leg jeans and high-heeled boots, with an oversized blazer. The poke of the high-heeled boots below the wide-leg trousers and the oversized blazer dress it up. Some people go for high-heeled, open-toe shoes - but if you're not comfortable, the boots look good.


You can wear whatever you want to make you feel comfortable. The point we're making is that you can easily dress up an oversized hoodie and make it look good. Trainers and a standard coat put you right back into casual.

These Pinterest posts will help you visualize how to dress up an oversized hoodie.


Beyond Basics

An oversized hoodie in a vibrant color or a playful pattern can look good - you can find cheap hoodies online with funky anime patterns (or something similar) that look good. Basic hoodies are nice, but sometimes it's good to switch it up a bit. If you're feeling adventurous, mix and match prints for a look that's uniquely yours. There's no essential rule book to oversized hoodies, and that's what we love about them. 

Still, you can't deny the appeal of a plain oversized hoodie.

Oversized hoodies are like a cozy hug you need in winter and spring. Depending on what part of the globe you're in, spring isn't the weather to don shorts and a top. And the comfort they give is something you can't beat. Whether getting cozy on the sofa or going for the fashionable baggy oversized look, oversized hoodies are an essential wardrobe item.