Spring Summer 2021 Style Ideas For Men fashion

Spring Summer 2021 Style Ideas For Men fashion

Summer is one of the best seasons for dates! There are so many things you can do casually, outside, and in nature.From dinner and drinks at the hottest new spot in town, a fun hike in the nearby park, to an afternoon mini-golfing.

Dressing up for those dates is also easier than during the cold months as you can experiment more, choose brighter colours and embrace the casual or smart casual style.

Need ideas? Here's what to wear on a summer date for guys.

Where and when?

The most important things to ask yourself before choosing your summer date outfit is where and when are you meeting?

You want to match the formality of the location so that you don't look out of place. Just think - showing up in your casual athleisure to a fancy cocktail bar probably won't win you any points! 

The time of the day is also essential. Daytime dates are usually more relaxed (coffee shops, parks or beaches don't require too much), so you most likely will not need a tie or a blazer. However, if your date is at night, chances are you're going to a club or an upscale restaurant. These call for more effort. 

What not to wear 

Before we dive into our date outfit suggestions, let's look at what you shouldn't wear. 

Hoodies, open-toe shoes and ties are always a no-no according to Men’s Health

And we agree - hoodies are the ultimate casual wear that is frowned upon for most date occasions (except for spending time outdoors or doing some sports activities).

When it comes to open-toe shoes, well, we shouldn't even need to bring this up! Flipflops, sandals, and other footwear exposing your toes is the ultimate faux-pas. Nobody wants to see them!

Lastly, unless your date is at the opera or other strictly dress-code regulated event, leave the tie at home. They are too formal and might create and an impression that you're either trying too hard or are not interested. 

Jeans and a plain t-shirt

A survey done in Copenhagen and reported by businessinsider.com revealed that 94% of women said they would prefer their date to come wearing a T-shirt and jeans.  

This just shows that overthinking it is completely unnecessary and that the basics are always the best choice when in doubt.

Of course, the classic combination works only if you wear a high-quality t-shirt like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees; otherwise, you might look like a high-schooler! Check out Fresh Clean Tees collection of all black tees here: https://freshcleantees.com/products/all-black-5-pack


Short-sleeved shirt, unstructured blazer, chinos

Meeting your date at a restaurant? A combination of a nice short-sleeved shirt, chinos and an unstructured blazer might be a winner.

Your main tasks here are to colour and fabric coordinate. If you're feeling brave and want to show off your personality, you can choose a patterned shirt, but be careful, so you don't end up looking over-the-top. If you want to keep it on the safe side, pastel colours or whites, blues and greys are the way to go.

Shorts, polo shirt ad white leather sneakers

We love this look for lunch or brunch dates as well as walks in the park.

Polo is a notch more formal than a t-shirt, so if you're a fan of collars and dressing up, you might feel more comfortable. Shorts are the ultimate summer piece, so feel free to choose from chinos, linen shorts or even cargo shorts (yes, they're back).

Finish it off with nice white leather sneakers, but plain canvas ones will work too if it's just too sizzling out!

Henley, chinos and espadrilles

Another casual yet stylish look is a Henley paired with chinos and espadrilles.

Play with colours here though, such classics as navy and olive or white and grey never disappoint!

Espadrilles are a great footwear choice for hot days (remember the no-toes rule?) and will signal your date you know what's what.

Add a nice leather bracelet, sunnies, and you're golden!

Linnen summer suit 

On the chance that you're going to a formal event for your date, you will never go wrong with a nice linen suit.

You'll look sharp and put together yet still relaxed and fun.

Don't be afraid to experiment with colours and try such hues as sky blue, mustard or salmon.