Perfect Wardrobe Staples for the Ambitious Man

The modern man should dress to impress – not just his peers or employers, but to impress upon himself feelings of confidence and power that are exuded through his appearance. The way you dress reflects your personality, taste level and goals, and thus is one of the most important things to consider in day-to-day life. Constructing a wardrobe with these essential items is paramount to projecting an image of success.


These are a major accessory which are both practical and subtly show off your personality. Flashy, simplistic, sleek or statement, these wrist pieces have the opportunity to tie together your look and provide a sophisticated edge. Try beginning a small collection to switch up between occasions, in the colors of brown, black and silver as a base to go with any combination of clothing. There’s no need to splash out on every watch, as cheaper alternatives are great for everyday living, but it is worth investing in a high-quality piece for special occasions.


These are usually the first thing a person will notice about you, being the most external and thus visible surface layer of the outfit as a whole. We recommend purchasing an overcoat which isn’t too big for your frame, and in a muted color to complement your other clothing. A high-quality fabric is usually noticeable, will last for much longer, and will also protect you from harsh weather and cold temperatures better than a cheaper option.


No one respects a man who wears a polished suit with a ratty, threadbare belt. It is important that the accents to your clothing are just as put together and high quality as the clothes themselves. A sleek leather belt will complement any suit, as well as denim jeans. A belt of softer material goes well with chinos and shorts, but also should be kept in good condition to prevent them from looking worn out and tired. Having a couple of different options, or having a belt reserved for work, special occasions and day-to-day life will make your style choices much easier to organize.


A point of pride for any man’s attire, whether it be trainers or boots, this is not an area to skimp on. Shoes are one of the most popular staple items for men, and there are a variety of styles for each purpose and personality. Versace shoes for men offer incredible looking shoes made with the finest craftsmanship and materials, and they can be found at high-end retailers like These can really elevate your style with bold Italian designs which reflect a bold personality and are a brilliant example of luxury fashion that is worth the price. Versace shoes are a worthwhile investment that are used every day, and a high-quality purchase will ensure they last longer and keep in an aesthetically pleasing condition, rather than a shoe that wears off your foot.

These are some focal points of fashion to be aware of as a modern man, in order to look and feel the best possible version of yourself possible, and to show others the same.