FOUNDO: Your Go-To Brand for Luxurious Jewelry Designs

Introducing FOUNDO: a Go-To Brand for Luxurious Jewelry Designs

Jewelry has always been an essential part of the fashion industry, with various brands popping up in the market to cater to our ever-evolving needs. FOUNDO is a contemporary luxury jewelry brand that stands out in this crowded market with its unique, minimalistic, and sophisticated designs that reflect the beauty of Eastern aesthetics.


The brand prides itself on creating jewelry pieces that are quietly charming, making them perfect for bold and ambitious individuals who appreciate intricacy and sophistication. In this blog post, we'll dive more into what makes FOUNDO stand out and their latest collections.


The brand's jewelry pieces are made from premium quality materials such as 18K gold and S925 silver, making them highly durable and sustainable. FOUNDO incorporates interesting technology such as NFC chips directly into the gemstones to enhance customers' shopping experience by allowing them to learn more about the product by tapping it with their phones. The brand's collection includes lab-grown diamonds, pearls, and agarwood, making each piece unique, breathtaking, and sustainable.


FOUNDO boasts several collections but two main signature collections stand out. Their Make the Cut Collection and their Cross Collection. 


The Make the Cut Collection is inspired by the essence of ambition. The pieces in this collection are designed to capture the subtle charm surrounding significant moments in life. Every piece is designed to celebrate your achievements, lock in your success, and celebrate them with your beloved. It's a perfect collection for those who appreciate the value of unwavering conviction and are ready to embark on the pursuit of their aspirations, set audacious goals, and tirelessly strive for exceptional distinction. Take the Shot, for this collection, and elevate your style.


As for their Cross Collection, it is all about fearlessness and boldness. The collection is inspired by a variant form of the Chinese character 丰, representing the essence of protection and unwavering faith. The collection is crafted in gold with diamond accents, empowering dreamers to be bold and fearless.


If you are interested in FOUNDO, these two collections would be a good place to start looking. 


FOUNDO stands out as a contemporary luxury jewelry brand that caters to the fashion needs of bold and ambitious individuals. The brand's jewelry designs are breathtaking and sophisticated, with minimalistic and unique details that showcase the beauty of Eastern aesthetics.


The latest collections, including Make the Cut and Cross, perfectly embody the essence of ambition and fearlessness, making them perfect for anyone who wants to up their jewelry game. Additionally, FOUNDO's commitment to sustainability provides peace of mind to customers who want to enjoy luxurious jewelry while positively impacting the environment. If you're in the market for exquisite jewelry pieces that will enhance your wardrobe and style, FOUNDO should be your go-to brand.